Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as explained by NLP Master Trainers Dr Billy Kueek


Since we began marketing for our June LBD (Live By Design) Practitioner Certification Training Program, a class has been formed for June Intake in Singapore. As the response was overwhelming, our original plan to conduct the training in our Singapore office has to be changed and we have finalized agreement to use the big Training Room in DWG (Dennis Wee Group) Properties.


The popularity of the program brought in many referrals and of course, generated much curiosity in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as LBD. In this article, I aim to equip you with what Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP results you can achieve when you do NLP.


NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, founded by Bandler, Grinder and Frank in 1970s at University of California, Santa Cruz. Since then, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has branched out into many societies and Associations, Institutions and Groups.


  • Feeling lost and confused about life, career and relationship?
  • Wish to live a life of purpose and leave legacies behind?
  • Discovered that sometimes you perform at peak while other times struggling?
  • Knew that you have potential but not unleashed and don’t know how?
  • Discovered your limiting beliefs and decisions nut cant stop them from being barriers to achieving your goals?
  • Wish to go ahead, experience and explore things but blocked by negative emotions of Fear, Doubts and perhaps, sense of low self-worth and underserving?
  • Have negative habits that you have a problem getting rid of?
  • Frustration with and at work due to other people’s performance?
  • Would like to develop relationship better with people but learned that being sincere and true is not enough?
  • Wish to gain upper-hand in circumstances and people situations but worried if people even like you to begin with?
  • Wish to be the person you want to be, charismatic, magnetic and likeable?
  • Hope that I can read people’s mind so I can feel what they feel to sympathize and be able to deal with them the way they prefer to?
  • Want to get my point across and noticing simple logic is impossible with some people?
  • Want to communicate convincingly, influentially, persuasively and powerfully but don’t know how or lack confidence in?
  • Sincerely wish to help others with their problems but offering our negative experiences instead and taught the wrong things?
  • Enhance Self Confidence but no matter what you do, doesn’t seem to work?
  • Need for better self control to manage habits, discipline, motivation, energy, stress and googled but found nothing you don’t already knew?


NLP has the answer to these and more.


The Neuro aspect in NLP studies what went on in the mind and how the mind process information, the Thoughts, that then gets sent out to the body, creating States and feelings and then manifest into behaviors. Language, being the natural way that people communicate with people, is studied in depth in Linguistic, the L. You will increase your level of sensitivity to other by listening beyond what the person is saying. The reasons behind the words chose, the sentence structure it was shaped in, are all signs of what is happening to the person on the inside. Because, we use communication to understand each other, learning Linguistic also empowers us to choose the right words to put in the right place for the right result. Through a process of proven use of Linguistics in NLP, we can enhance our thinking, change our states and habit as well as heighten motivation to overcome procrastination.


Programming is the P in NLP and pretty much sums up everything. Living things are subjected to conditioning or programming. We therefore, think, feel and act in accordance to our programs in the mind, the set patterns that we either consciously or unconsciously adopted. So, that stubborn habit you are trying to getrid of but can’t has developed a pattern, a program of sorts and Programming in NLP can undo and redo the pattern or un-write or rewrite the program. By changing in the inside, you change the world outside.


Neuro Linguistic Programming is a knowledge, a set of skills and abilities are developed through frequent right practices making right results and there, a pattern or program has began. Therefore, like any skill, you simply cannot learn NLP by reading a book or many writings from internet gurus, just as you cannot learn swimming by reading up about swimming.


I hope the above brief provides a basicunderstanding of what NLP really is and of course, there is so much more I canshare with you at the training.


Activate your resources now and Live By Design, Not By Default!

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