“How did you do that?” is usually the first question asked of Reon Schutte after his talk, The Power of Choice.  Over 1 million people have heard Reon share his story of his personal journey of overcoming incredible odds and be able to live free of anger and hatred and being at peace with the world.  And many want to be able to do the same.

For those who were at the recent Power of Choice, Power of Change event in Kuala Lumpur, the reaction was much the same.  Many were interested to know how they too could be empowered with the lessons that Reon had experienced.

Ask and you shall receive.  Reon, his co-author Maggie Kuhn Jacobus, our Malaysian Country Director Kit Lim and myself sat down and worked on the new program which will have its first run in March 2013.  A 2-day program that promises to change lives, The Power of Choice program will be available in different countries, starting in Malaysia and Singapore and reaching as far as United States, Mexico and South America.

In order to cover the globe, we will be looking to not only deliver the program itself but also to certify trainers who can then deliver the programs in their cities and countries.  We are extremely excited about this development as we know that we will be able to continue to Transform People Inspire Lives.

Reon’s 10 Principles as a powerful 2-day training program, shares with you the techniques that Reon used to free himself, while imprisoned.  Be empowered with the tools to break out of your personal prisons of fear, hate, anger, lack of forgiveness and embrace a life of happiness and peace.  We all have the power to overcome adversity with the inner wisdom within us, except for the times when we feel imprisoned and believe that “there is no choice”.

The Power Of Choice Program combines tools and techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Intelligence to enable you to unleash the power within you so that you can live by design and achieve the results you desire.

For more information about this program and for copies of the brochure, email Office@BillyKueek.com.