Hypnosis is as old as recorded history.  The word hypnosis comes from the Greek word ‘hypnos‘ which means sleep though in hypnosis, you are not asleep.  Instead, you are in a trance state where your Unconscious Mind (or some refer to it as the subconscious mind) is open to suggestions.

All of us have been in a trance state before, but probably were not aware of that.  When we are so engrossed in a book, watching a movie or television program, where we are not aware of sounds or people around us, we were in a trance.

When you are in a trance, do not expect to feel hypnotized.  Clients think that the trance state is significantly different from when they are conscious.  However, this is not the case.  When you are in a light trance, you feel relaxed.  Trance is just a normal, natural state.  And in fact, no matter how deep in trance you do, you will just feel relaxed, with increasing levels of relaxation.

During trance, you are in control and in charge.  Therefore, you will only accept suggestions that are consistent with your values and beliefs.   For example, if the hypnotist were to suggest that you rob a bank, you would not do it.  However, if the suggestion was to stand up and it was OK, you would do it.

Everyone can go into trance, they just have to learn how.  There may be some reservations due to misconceptions that they may have about hypnosis.  Some general misconceptions are:

  • hypnosis is sleep and there is loss of consciousness.
  • there is loss of control and surrender of will.
  • you will reveal your secrets.
  • you may not be dehypnotized.
  • being hypnotizable means you are gullible or weakminded.
  • hypnosis is harmful.

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