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Corporate Training Program

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Corporate Training Program

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Happy International Evaluate Your Life Day!

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  Where do you measure up? How are you performing in the different aspects of your life now? Do you feel balanced, or have you been making sacrifices on certain…

Living Free – Make the Right Choice

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Watching "The Greatest Showman" triggered many thoughts and stirred many emotions within me. With the world advancing so rapidly and making great improvements to human lives, yet we are still…

Smile & the Whole World Smiles with You!

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  SMILE & the Whole World Smiles with You! Did you know SMILING is contagious?   BENEFITS of SMILING: 1. Shifts you out of a negative perspective & keeps you…

Focus on What’s Important

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Personal sharing of Jessica (24 years old) on her experience during a certification program conducted by Billy Kueek International     “Life is like a camera, Capture the good times, Develop from…

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