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Corporate Training Program

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Corporate Training Program

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Gift – Accept or Decline

| ABNLP, Action, BreakThrough, Change, Happiness, Life, Love, Self Love, Self-improvement | No Comments
It is said that on one occasion when a wise man was teaching a group of people, he found himself on the receiving end of a fierce outburst of abuse…

The 5Ps to Prosperity

| ABNLP, Action, Billy Kueek, BreakThrough, Change, Inspiration, Motivation, Passion, Personal Development | No Comments
“The first step in achieving prosperity and wealth is learning to appreciate what you already have.” Anonymous Prosperity means different things to different people. To some, it means wealth or status,…

The Tree

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  I remember one day chatting with a young friend who had issues with life. He was unhappy with life and the job he was holding. He seemed to have…

Are you Perfect or Imperfect? Personal Sharing of Jessica (25 years old)

| ABNLP, Change, Coaching, Happiness, Inspiration, Life, Live by Design, Personal Growth, Purpose | No Comments
“Life is like a camera, Focus on what’s important, Capture the good times, Develop from the negatives And if things don’t work out, Take another shot.”   This quote perfectly sums up my LBD…

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