Are you a Master of Assumption, where you:
– Assume your partner, lover, or friends ignore you because of what you said?
– Assume people are angry at you when they do not reply or answer you?
– Assume your partner, lover, or friends thinks you are a burden when you regularly text or call them?
– Assume your partner or lover do not love you when they do not talk to you or reply you after “X” number of hours?
– Assume partner, lover, or friends are stressed and upset because of you?


Are you a Master of Judgement, where you:
– Believe that you can never find the one while others have?
– Think you are always the one at fault when you are not?
– Judge yourself way more harshly in terms of your appearance?
– Believe other people uses you because they love you and need you?
– Consider yourself the ONLY one who can do the work or tasks given?


Are you a Master of Negativity, who thinks:
– I am not good enough, therefore I did not get that job. It must be my fault.
– I cannot do it because I do not think I am capable enough.
– I can never accomplish what he/she have. I am not that smart.
– I am a failure.
– I do not know how to speak confidently so I rather keep quiet.
– I am afraid that people will reject me so I do not initiate or ask.
– Nervous, fidgety and anxious is my name and I can never get rid of them.

These thoughts above may appear at different stages of our lives and depending on the ups and downs of our experience, the people we meet along the way and the degree of severity of how bad these thoughts can be varying from one individual to another. Some people get over it quite quickly and move on as they accept the change as a learning and yet they are some, who remain stuck and become one or maybe all three of the Masters above and excel in it.

On the surface, it can look like it is common for people to have these thoughts once in a while. However, some people manage to manifest it after going through multiple uneventful or traumatic or heartbreaking episodes, where they start to identify themselves more with these thoughts, accepting it as a normal and expressing them frequently.

Ultimately, instead of escaping and normalizing these thoughts and turning into those Masters,

Don’t you believe it is the time to dig into the roots of these thoughts, do you not?
Wouldn’t you want to know how to face these stressors and anxieties and unhelpful thoughts,
would you not?
Can’t you feel like it is time to make a change and get rid of these thoughts, can you not?

“You will never speak to anyone more than
you speak to yourself in your head so be kind to yourself.”
~ Roxannes Vibe