I would like to share another story that was featured in my book, ENGAGE: The Parable of the Pencil and other Empowering Stories. I do not recall where the story came from but the lesson is a great one.

There was a village where three holy men from three different religions worked and served the villagers.

One day, one of them suggested to the other two, “Why don’t we spend one whole day together so that we can mutually understand each others’ work and philosophies, so that we complement one another and serve our villagers better?”

So the three of them decided on the time and the day. On the agreed day, they gathered at the jetty because they wanted to row a boat out to the island off the shore where they would not be disturbed. All three of them got into the boat and started rowing towards the island.

After ten minutes, the first priest looked at the other two and said, “Hey, we are supposed to spend the whole day together, but we did not bring any water. Without water, how are we going to be able to last the whole day? But not to worry, let me go back and get the water while you wait here in the boat.”

With that, he stood up and jumped into the water and started walking on top of the water, back to the shore. The third holy man looked on, astonished at the priest walking on top of the water.

Twenty minutes later, the priest came back with the water and tea bags, walking on top of the water and got back into the boat. They started rowing toward the island again.

Another ten minutes went by when the second holy man said, “Hey, we do not have any food. How are we going to spend the whole day talking and not have any food? I tell you what, you wait here and I will go back and get us some food.”

With that, he stood up, jumped out of the boat and started walking on top of the water, back to the jetty. Twenty minutes later, he returned with a picnic basket filled with food, again walking on top of the water, and got back into the boat.

The third holy man watched him in amazement, and thought to himself, “Both of them must be men of great faith with tremendous power. They can walk on water. I have a lot to learn from them.”

But at the same time, he was worried that they might forget something else and he would have to go back to the shore to get it. True enough, another ten minutes later, they realized they did not have any cups or plates to eat or drink from.

Very reluctantly, the third holy man said, “I will go back and get what we need.” He then proceeded to stand up and jumped out of the boat, into the water. As soon as he did that, he started to sink. The other two holy men realized that he could not swim and quickly leaned over to pull him up.

By the time they got him out of the water and back into the boat, the third holy man was already crying. He said, “I am so ashamed of myself. You are men of so much faith that you can walk on top of water. I am just so ashamed of myself.” And he continued crying.

The other two looked at each other and said to the third holy man, “We just happen to know where the rocks are!”

As a trainer, coach and speaker, I do not profess to know everything but there are times when I know where the rocks are, and if I am allowed to share, then perhaps I am able to help others find their way.

Come and join me and Reon Schutte on 24 October 2012 in Kuala Lumpur as we share our personal stories and along the way, we may just show where the rocks are. Contact office@BillyKueek.com for more information.