Sorry Leaders, but today is just not your day. We will celebrate your day another time.

Today is EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION DAY! And it is important that you, as a leader, take some time and effort to show a little appreciation for your employees for all that they have done to propel the organisation forward.

In a recent study, 45% of the the people working in Singapore are unhappy in their job. 54% are disengaged, and 12% would choose to leave their job because they felt unappreciated at work.

With the need to constantly stay competitive in the industry, organisations are finding innovative ways to create a positive working environment and engage employees on a regular basis. Evidence has shown that when people are happy working in a job that they find meaningful and are appreciated for their contributions, it would result in higher productivity, enhanced creativity and better problem solving ability. At the same time, employees feel more connected with the company, thus reducing employee turnover.

How to Show Appreciation to Your Employee?

There are 3 simple ways that you can do on a regular basis to make your employees feel appreciated.
A simple A.R.C. acronym would help you remember better.

    “The deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated.” ~ William James
    A simple yet sincere “Thank You” goes into the heart of those who have contributed. Yet this simple gesture is very often overlooked, and contributions and efforts are easily taken for granted. When one feels unappreciated, taken advantage of or taken for granted, it may lead to feelings of resentment and negativity.
    You may offer your thanks verbally, through a simple note or email, or even a little reward (like a gift voucher or a treat).
    People like to feel like they have made a positive contribution in any way. When we are being recognised, we feel like our effort is worthwhile. We feel valued; and that feeds our fundamental human needs for feeling significant and important.
    Recognition may be shown privately with the intended individual; or publicly within the team or company. With public recognition, it not only shows recognition to the individual; but also what has been done well and thus serves as an inspiration for others to follow.
    Employees feel more engaged and better aligned with the company’s goals and objectives when good and clear communication is established in workplace. Good communication also helps to mitigate conflicts and minimize misunderstanding. Check in on your team by asking them on their work progress, clarify any doubts, offer help to deal with work challenges that are hindering their progress, and provide feedback for improvement.

Start showing appreciation for your employees today, and reap the positive change within the staff and team.