I remember one day chatting with a young friend who had issues with life.

He was unhappy with life and the job he was holding. He seemed to have lots of reasons to be unhappy and unsatisfied.

Then I asked him if he ever noticed the trees. “Huh?” was his reply. I asked him again if he noticed how some trees stood tall and strong. He nodded his head.

Then my next question to him was, “Do you realize that trees experience violent storms, hot sun, rain, strong wind and lots more?”.

They are battered but not beaten. These trees continue to grow strong and tall. Birds will surround the old tree and it will even have blooms. When I see that, I see joy and pride in a tree.”

Imagine how the tree would feel being exposed to sun, rain, storm, dry season, rubbish, people abusing it. Our life is like that too.

We are exposed to a lot of hardships, abusive people, difficult experiences and many adversities. At the same time, we are exposed to happiness, joy, funny moments and people.

We are surrounded with negativity as well as positivity but which do we choose?

Are we battered and beaten? Or can we choose to be like the tree?

Standing tall, strong and proud. To have birds chirping and singing beautiful songs and flowers blooming is probably a wonderful feeling for the tree; that it is appreciated and loved.

When we stand tall and proud of our life, we will be surrounded with positive people and loved.

We need to be deeply rooted, always searching for good, positive things as well as people to grow and make life better for ourselves and also for others.

Are you a strong tree, deeply rooted and holding strong in order to survive and living life to the fullest?

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