Dr Billy Kueek with South East Asia's 1st batch of NLP Trainers (ABNLP)

Participants from Singapore, New Zealand, Vietnam and Malaysia came together in Petaling Jaya to be certified as NLP Trainers with Dr Billy Kueek.  Acknowledged as one of the leading NLP Training Companies in the region, Billy Kueek International conducted its NLP Trainers’ Training (NLPTT) program in November 2013, certifying the first batch of NLP Trainers in South East Asia, under the ABNLP (American Board of NLP – the largest NLP certifying body in the world).

This exciting and challenging NLP Trainers’ Training program was personally custom-designed by NLP Master Trainer, Dr. Billy Kueek himself because, as he puts it, “I intend to certify the best NLP Trainers in South East Asia”.

With more than 17 years’ experience in the industry, training over 100,000 participants across 40 countries, Billy has learned the ins & outs of the business and knows what works best for amazing training sessions. The program also includes Billy’s signature MasterClass Train The Trainer program, a generic program that trains aspiring trainers to become inspiring trainers.

With this in mind, the participants had a very intensive and interesting training session, full of applicable insights, behind-the scene tips, role-plays and mini demonstrations. As one participant shared, “Excellent trainer with very practical tips. Many techniques that seem so simple at first, once explained made me realize that it is the little things that make the biggest difference in any trainer’s delivery. This was one of the most inspiring training I have attended, and Billy made it worthwhile, fun and motivating.”

Another participant also commented that, “Being a seasoned trainer myself, you would think that there is nothing much to learn… boy was I wrong! Every day with Billy is another day of a constant flow of new learning, and he made everything so easily absorbable and applicable. The trainings was a real eye-opener and Billy showed me how much more there was to learn.”

In summary, during NLP Trainers’ Training, participants learn how to be a trainer, from telling stories and jokes, to planning training, to running activities, to selling training. After that, they learn how to teach NLP and are taken through rigorous exercises related to NLP techniques.

There are a lot of trainers out there who claim to be ‘master trainers’ after training for a number of years. However, for NLP (as well as for Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy), there is a structure for certification. And in order to become a certified NLP Trainer, it is necessary to go through a properly structured & regulated program conducted by an experienced NLP Master Trainer. Billy is South East Asia’s only NLP and Hypnotherapy Master Trainer, making him one of the most qualified trainers to conduct the certification program.

Billy Kueek International will be conducting the next NLP Trainers’ Training program in November 2014. As an NLP Trainer, you will be able to train & certify NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners, plus include NLP elements in other training programs as well (where appropriate).

Article 'Skyrocket Your NLP Path in 2014'; featured in The Star (14 Jan '14)

Article featured in The Star (14 Jan ’14)