ENGAGE: The Parable of the Pencil and other Empowering Stories

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If a picture paints a thousand words, then stories and metaphors tell a thousand tales. Every story can be interpreted by the reader differently, deriving a unique learning from it. This book starts with The Parable of the Pencil, a truly inspiring story, where Billy gives his personal interpretation to the classic tale of the five lessons given to the pencils before they venture into the big wide world.

ENGAGE: The Parable of the Pencil and other Empowering Stories is a compilation of some well-known stories, a few lesser-known ones and original narratives which will prove to be a valuable resource for any trainer, speaker or coach who is looking for metaphors to illustrate and inspire. Choose the story that will move your audience in its retelling. Be inspired by the metaphors that give each person their own interpretation and understanding.

'The Parable of the Pencil is tremendously powerful. Ever since I heard it from Billy, I have used it in countless meetings with my team to inspire and encourage them to spur to greater heights. Thank you Billy for sharing this metaphor in the unique and engaging way that only you do.'
- Chan Tze Yin, Sales Manager, Citibank Berhad, Malaysia

'My personal gratitude to Billy for sharing his metaphors which I was able to use to help my student. The metaphor made him realize that he has control on how he chooses to react to a certain experience and manage his emotional state. Thank you Billy!'
- Shamsuddin Abdullah, Lecturer, International Islamic University

'This is a great compilation, filled with pages of life lessons and inspiring metaphors. The simple yet touching tales will invoke a potent dose of passion in their audience. The lessons derived from the stories are meant for all – truly an eye-opener! A must-have resource that all aspiring and successful trainers should have."
- Cindy Chin, Trainer, Kidz Smart Academ