If I were to offer you a million dollars and gave you the option of taking the money now or in three years’ time, I suspect most of you would take it now. Yet, when it comes to changing their lives for the better, a common response is, “Wait and see first.”

My question is, what are you waiting for? How many of us are delaying or postponing the opportunity to have an even greater life? Of course your life could be great right now but would you like it to be even better? You see, if you were to offer someone money, even if they already had a lot of it, chances are they would take it now.

Success is not always in monetary terms. And perhaps therein lies the problem. When it is difficult to be quantified or is not tangible, we are less certain. So in response to whether you want a better life, we are prepared to wait. Could it be that we enjoy the pain of whatever is bugging us and until the pain is great enough, we are not likely to do anything about it?The choice is yours – Success Now or Later?