You know there is a deadline, but only rushed to complete it the night before
You have a messy room that needs to be cleaned or organized, or clothes/dishes to be washed but never got to them.
You want to reduce your weight, but you are too lazy, unmotivated or tired to work out.
You want to eat healthily, but it is a hassle to start making home-cooked food.
You want to ask someone out on a date, but do not have the courage to do so.
You always wanted to go on a vacation, but never had the time to do so.
You want to spend time with your family and friends, but you are just so busy.

“There are 365 days in a year. I have plenty of time to do what I want to do.
Even if I do not complete it today, there is always tomorrow.”

Many people say this to comfort themselves when they put off things they know they are supposed to do. Avoidance in completing a task or activity is something everyone is familiar with and guilty of doing it at least once in their lifetime. This is PROCRASTINATION.

People procrastinate most of the time and some even get into trouble for doing so. They do not feel the task they are intended to do is enjoyable, fun or meaningful; thus they become too lazy to start or lack the motivation to do so. Procrastination may also happen when they lack the skills to complete certain tasks; thus naturally, they will avoid it instead of thinking of ways to learn and study about that skill.

Lastly, fear of failure would be a prevalent intention to procrastinate. For example, if they had worked really hard for the task but did not get the outcome or grade they wanted, that feeling of “I have given my best shot yet I still failed” is even worse and heartbreaking than “It is only right I failed since I did not work for it”. The latter gives people the excuse they need to move on and not blame themselves too much.

Start this new year with a new set of goals you will accomplish, by looking at different perspectives and having constant motivation to work and enjoy life to the fullest. 2019 is going to be the BEST year that you have always wanted!

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