We live in a world where people are stereotyped. You may be defined by your looks, achievements, profession, status, wealth (or lack of it), clothes, friends, car you drive, and so on…. Deep down, we know what we want to do or who we want to be, but many do not have the guts to stand up and be different, to go against the norm and be the best they can be, whatever that may be. It is easier to conform to society’s expectations so that you are accepted by everyone.

Your personal definition of success may not be married with 2.4 kids, the house with white picket fence and the MPV parked in the driveway. So what if you choose to have a job that does not pay the mega-bucks but brings you personal satisfaction. So what if you decide that being a parent could be single parenting, adoption, fostering. So who cares if you put happiness and contentment and inner peace above all else.
Be true to yourself and do what is right for you. Have the strength to be all that you were meant to be and leave your mark in the world.  Live By Design!

Benefits of the Live By Design Program

The Live By Design Program, or LBD for short, is our special program that combines NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy and Coaching together into one program with five certifications (additional certification – Applied NLP in Business).

I am constantly asked why someone should attend the program and will it help them professionally.  Let me share this:

  • Would you like to be able to let go of anger, sadness, fear and guilt that is inside you?
  • Would you like to have a deeper understanding of your personal behavior and be able to change it, and have greater mental and behavioral flexibility?
  • Do you project negativity as a result of accumulating it over the years, and if so, isn’t it time to let it go?  After all, negative emotions inside us harm us and prevent us from being open to receive positivity.
  • Do you find that perhaps you are allowing unresolved negative emotions build up and become stronger, resulting in inappropriate anger, damaging relationships and creating frustrations inside you?
  • As a working professional, would you like to be able to communicate better, listen better and develop the ability to ask strategic questions to coach and help not just yourself but also others?
  • How about developing charisma with NLP, just like the other powerful communicators and leaders in the world such as Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.
  • Ever wanted to utilize the power of your mind and Unconscious Mind (a.k.a. Subconscious mind), be able to get rid of negative habits, have better self-control, get rid of phobias, deal with anxiety, remove limiting beliefs and decisions and eliminate internal conflicts?
  • Want to be able to set goals that work and learn self-development strategies for differentiating goals and states?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, then this is the program for you.  Is it time to Live By Design?  Contact Office@BillyKueek.com and change your life today!