“The better you know yourself, the better is your relationship with the rest of the world.”
Toni Collette

Values are as important and valuable as the back bone that holds us up and keeps us in place to do the things that we love. Values are considered one of the most principal motivating push that individuals need to drive them into taking action with their lives. Values are slowly formed at a very young age through our interaction with our environment and experiences.

What are the values you value most in your life? Does your values drive your inner motivation? Does your values create liberating beliefs that push you out of your comfort zone to do what you really want to do in life, or get what you want in life?

What is it that you want to be that you are not becoming?

In our lives, we may have moments of hesitation, moments of being stressed and lost, and moments of self doubt. We wonder if we are headed in the right direction of our life, career or relationship. We often seek advice from others to help us come out of this situation and affirms us we are headed in the RIGHT path. This cycle of aimlessness, disorientation and constant need for affirmation may become harmful and detrimental to our mind and body in the long run. Eventually, we might just give up and constantly be in a state of unhappiness, hopelessness and angry.

“Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have.”
~ Doris Mortman

To stop this endless cycle of negativity, the simplest way is to uncover your values.

Ask yourself:
“What is important to me about my (life / career / relationship / family / marriage / etc)?”

What get you up in the morning, and makes you fall soundly asleep at night?
Are your values driving your towards pleasure or away from pain?
For example, if money is one of your most important value, what is the purpose for having money? Is it to live a luxurious and enjoyable life (towards pleasure), or to escape from poverty (away from pain)?

Values can change the way you looks at things, behave, communicate and interact with others. And most excitingly, it can help you:
– Live the life you want to live
– Be the person the you want to be
– Have the things you want to have
– Do the things you want to do

Explore this self discovery with us. Let us help you find your values and identity.

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