Whenever I tell anyone that I am a Hypnotherapy Master Trainer, I get two different types of reaction.  The first is where they are very interested to know more about hypnosis and what it can do, and if I can hypnotize their friends (and notice how it is their friends and not themselves).  The other is where they avoid eye contact, afraid that I may start to hypnotize them.

Having used hypnosis as part of my coaching work for the past 15 years, I have found it to be one of the best techniques to use and it helps in most situations.  Be it increasing confidence, managing stress, stop smoking, kicking alcoholism, weight management, emotional mastery, getting rid of phobias, improving memory and concentration or even enhancing male sexual health, hypnotherapy has helped millions to tackle their personal issues, easily and permanently.

Of course, there are many misconceptions about hypnosis, not helped by the artistic license used by the media to create hype.  Some common misconceptions are:

  • Only weak-minded people can be hypnotized
  • Hypnosis is sleep
  • Fear of not being dehypnotized
  • That hypnosis is harmful
  • There is revelation of secrets
  • Loss of control and being controlled ie surrender of will
  • Loss of consciousness

All these are certainly untrue.  Of course, it is important to choose the right hypnotherapist.  Note that I use the term hypnotherapist and not hypnotist.  The difference is that the hypnotherapist uses hypnosis for therapy, while the hypnotist usually is a performer or entertainer.

There may also be some confusion about the trance state.  This is because each person experiences trance differently.  With a light trance, you may feel like you are totally aware of what the hypnotherapist is saying to you and that you are actually not in a trance, while those who are in a deep trance may almost be sound asleep and be unaware of his surroundings.  Whatever level of trance a person goes into is perfectly fine, since the objective of trance is to bypass the critical faculty and communicate directly with the unconscious (or some refer to it assubconscious) mind.

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