Timothy was a happy, active ten-year-old boy. He loved playing with his younger brother, Joe, and both of them spent many happy hours running around the house. Timothy was also an avid reader, he loved books and read everything he could get his hands on. However, this led to an overactive imagination, to the extent where Timothy imagined that there were sea monsters and other creatures in the bathroom, coming out of the plughole.

Bath times were a challenge as Timothy refused to get into the bath. Instead, he would stand outside the tub and bathe with the extended shower hose. His fear of water creatures also meant that swimming was a no-go. He imagined that there would be something in the pool and therefore, only ventured into the children’s wading pool.

His parents realised that this was not a healthy situation for their son and sought the help of a coach. The Impact System© Coach met up with Timothy and his parents to understand the extent of the problem. Apart from the overactive imagination, she also discovered that Timothy had an anger management issue, flaring into a rage whenever he got frustrated by his classmates or even in the midst of playing computer games.

After the initial meeting, the coach arranged for a follow-up session. Using hypnosis, she was able to help Timothy overcome his fear of monsters and other imaginative creations. She also coached him to resolve his anger that was usually unwarranted. Of course, he would still get angry if the situation warranted it, just that he would not become enraged at the slightest provocation.

Six months on, Timothy is a much happier child who goes swimming every week with his parents. In fact, is one of the best swimmers in his group! As for bath time, he now looks forward to getting into the shower.

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