Applications of NLP techniques is only limited to your imagination.  NLP can be utilized in parenting, relating, building rapport and enhancing relationships, increasing sensitivity to others, understanding self and others better, managing your own state for peak performance, resolving conflicts, achieving your goals and taking control of yourself and your life.  Would equipping yourself with these skills add value to you, your life and the people around you?

A couple of quick examples:-

Parents equipped with NLP can help their children change bad habits, improve concentration, enhance retention and motivation so their children perform better.

A manager at work can use NLP to build stronger bonds and relationships with their team members and subordinates, motivate and remove negative and limiting beliefs, anchor on peak performance states and help team members achieve their goals.

Students who need to be motivated to study can find their inner driving forces to help them focus better.  They can also determine how they learn best so that they are able to learn at the optimum.

A teacher can use NLP to build rapport with the students and be able to teach them the way they prefer to learn.