Feed What You Want To Grow


A grandfather sat down on a rock in the sunshine with his grandson. “Tell me a story,” asked the grandson.

“This is a story about two wolves,” said the grandfather.

“As we grow up it sometimes feels like there are two wolves inside us struggling to take control.”

“Imagine the first wolf with soft grey hair, a kindly look in its eyes, and a gentle smile on its mouth. It is a wolf that hardly ever bares its teeth and is willing to stand back to let the little ones feed. We might call this the wolf of peace, love, and kindness, for the wolf thinks that, if we all live peacefully with each other, every animal and every human will be a lot happier. Love and kindness is what matters more than anything else. We arrive in the world as an act of love and we grow through the love that parents show us. We long to be loved and our lives are nurtured and enriched when we love and are loved in return. When we are kind to others they are likely—though not always—to show kindness back to us. Smile at someone and there is a good chance they will smile back. Go out of your way to be helpful and the one you help is more likely to help you when you need it”.

The little boy looked eagerly at his grandfather and asked, “How about the other wolf? What is it like?”

“The other wolf on the other hand,” continued the grandfather while patting his grandson, “is a wolf in the pack who doesn’t think the same way. This wolf has a really mean, nasty face. It pulls back its lips at times to bare its teeth threateningly toward other animals. When it does, they usually feel fear rather than love and respect, for this is the wolf of fear, greed, and hatred. Unfortunately, it hasn’t learned that by being so angry or aggressive to others, by thinking of who or what it hates rather than who or what it loves, it builds a lot of bad feelings in itself and among the others too. This wolf is out for number one, and with it’s high ego and low self-awareness, it will do whatever it take regardless the consequences whereas the wolf of peace, love, and kindness is looking out for others’ happiness and well-being as well as its own.

“As you can imagine, two such wolves in a pack might be in a struggle to see which one gets its way. The wolf of peace, love, and kindness wants to share those values with everyone, but the wolf of fear, greed, and hatred cares only for itself.  One seeks warmth while the other seeks control. One is constantly growing from mistakes while the other creates feeling of negativity within itself and others around it”.

“Now, imagine that two such wolves are in a struggle inside you.” said the grandfather.

The little boy looked up at his grandfather, wide-eyed. “Which one will win?” he asked eagerly.

The grandfather looked down, kindness in his eyes, softness in his voice, and answered,

Whichever one you feed.”


The year 2019 is coming to an end soon and 2020 is coming. Which of the wolves have you been feeding this past year; the peace and caring one or the hard-hearted and egocentric one? Which one won most of the time? Any one you decided, the results have spoken to you. The results of the choices you made this past year either shaped you into a better person or not or achieved success and self-awareness or have been sabotaging it. Some of us focused on growing from our mistakes and get ourselves out before it gets worse while others kept repeating the same unhelpful patterns, making their own “stuck” situation even harder to get out.

2020 is the YEAR for you


  • Start living the life you design.

  • Know where you are aiming to go and achieve it

  • Liberate your own liberating beliefs.

  • Learn new skills and techniques to make your life even better, brighter and beautiful

  • Be more purposeful and ignite the fire within you that you never knew you had

  • Build more meaningful relationships

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“When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.”