Why settle for less when you can learn from the best? Whether you are already in the training business or are thinking about becoming a trainer, and want to know the When, What, Who, Where, Why and How.

Trainers armed with knowledge, are fueled by passion to change the world. Passion and knowledge can only bring you so far. To succeed in this profession, you need the right skills, the right support and the right tour guide.

Our passion is to empower you so you can empower others. That is what the E-MasterClass Train The Trainer program is all about.

Intrinsically designed by Dr.Billy Kueek based on his 20 years’ experience as a professional trainer and speaker; and delivered by Master Trainer Lim Kit Wan, this program will take you from being a novice to become a professional trainer or speaker. You will be equipped with the requisite skills and techniques that will keep your audience engaged and entertained while empowering them.

Whether you are an aspiring trainer or an in-house trainer, a budding motivational speaker or seasoned trainer, you MUST attend this program.

– Gain a practical overview of the training function
– Equip you with critical success strategies
– Enhance understanding of adult learning principles
– Learn practical training needs analysis approaches
– Design effective course outlines
– Increase results with audience management strategies
– Develop effective training with the 5-D lesson plan
– Learn & apply the best combination of training methods
– Deliver dynamic icebreakers and openers
– Communicate clearly, concisely and convincingly
– Engage participants with stories, metaphors and humor
– Answer professionally with question fielding techniques
– Reinforce learning with powerful closers
– Discover practical evaluation tools
– Transform learning into mastery with micro-training labs
– Strengthen confidence, credibility and charisma

In short…. After this training, you can desire and aspire to:

1. Define training needs for maximum buy-in & effectiveness
2. Design accurate course content
3. Develop 5-Dimensional Lesson plans for Maximum Results
4. Deliver sessions that engage, motivate & maximize transfer of learning
5. Discover the most powerful combination of learning strategies
6. Differentiate your training performance
7. Demonstrate training mastery that even other trainers talk about

A most practical & intensive trainers’ training program that is beyond textbook materials.

The training will be RUN for the FIRST TIME ever via ZOOM and you can attend it from anywhere in the world.

Be a Certified MasterClass Trainer NOW!

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