Imagine yourself enjoying a cup of tea or coffee somewhere you can unwind and chill while Pharrell Williams’s “Happy”
or the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin play in the background. You can, can you not?

How would you describe your feeling? Calm? Relaxed? Excited? Or how about Happy?

I believe, happiness would be one of the feelings that would pop out in your list. That euphoric feeling everyone craves the most no matter what situation they are in, just to feel better and not feel like they are about to burn out. What this also implies is that happiness is highly likely to be on most people’s To-Do list, New Year Resolution list, Relationship list or bucket list. Now think about this. Throughout our lifetime, have there been times where we wondered or been asked by others, what does happiness means to us or how do we define happiness?

Is Happiness…

A feeling that appears after going through something distressing or after overcoming some events that are unpleasant that made us angry, upset and sad?

A feeling that comes up after thriving in something that we prepared and worked hard for, e.g. successfully acing the interview and getting the job or achieving good grades in an exam?

A feeling materialized when someone compliments how beautiful we look, mentioning to us that we have lost some weight and looking terrific or praising you after a job well done?

A feeling that emerges when your family members, friends, significant other, boss or colleagues are happy, well and looking like they are in their comfort zone and excelling in every aspect of their life?

A feeling that only appears when you achieved, obtained, gained, and make certain that no negative emotions (anxiety, worry, unhappiness…etc.) accompanied it and totally vanished?

The responses above would beyond any doubt be the most common responses we would have given as Henry Ward Beecher would say, The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common thing”.  This quote is true to some extent, but just press the “Pause” button for a while! Has this type of yearning of happiness, and the hunger and need for it, turned into something that essentially boils down to seeking and winning approval; so as to evade the harsh and gloomy feelings and realities and only have it reinforced exclusively by certain situations only? As a consequence, our train of thoughts more or less accepted that our creation of happiness is predominately dependent on the hands of the external world. We are constantly counting on them to make us feel good, awesome, untroubled, calm and significant.

Why are you giving others that power?
What is stopping you from achieving the happiness that you wanted and desired?
How long would this ‘dependent’ happiness be feeling last?
Could you maintain this feeling of happiness for years on end?
What if you have the chance to change this and have happiness that is instant and everlasting?

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