Ask any parent what they want for their children and, chances are, the answer will be “to be happy”. No matter what else we want for them, happiness is one of the main aims.

Help them get a head start in life – help them learn how to make choices, have a positive attitude to life and to develop powerful habits instead of ineffective ones. Children who are able to recognise and manage their emotions, to enjoy life and to interact assertively with others, will lead productive and fulfilling lives.

With the right coach, your child will be able to take control and responsibility for his or her own happiness and reach the full potential. They will learn how to set their goals, how to handle feelings, as well as understand the art of communication and positive thinking so that they develop self-confidence, persistence, determination and success.

Where necessary, the coach can work on a variety of areas including relaxation, managing exam nerves and stress, improving memory, better self-esteem, improved concentration and focus, positive thinking and self-motivation. (The programme is also available for adults.)

Billy Kueek International has a pool of certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioners, Time Line Therapy ® Practitioners and Hypnotherapists who are available for consultation and coaching.