Whatever you are today is the sum of all your past experiences.

We have all heard and read about how a little tiff on the road with other drivers resulted in road rage. Or how a young child does something out of carelessness and parents start yelling at top of their lungs. Personally, we all know what food we should not eat and yet, when the food is presented to us, we eat it.

How is it that as grown adults – with abilities to resolve, rationalize and reason – we still end up acting in ways that we later regret?

That said, there are also times when we are proud of ourselves for successfully having dealt with situations with appropriate actions and thereby, achieving desired results. So, how is it that we are sometimes able to take control of situations while other times we end up with regret and frustration?

To answer that question, here is another question: When you woke up this morning, how did you know that you are you?

The mind is made up of two parts – the conscious and the unconscious mind (some called it Subconscious while others call it Super Conscious). The conscious mind does the thinking and analyzing which is responsible for us thinking the right thoughts. However, it is the unconscious mind that keeps track of everything about you and is responsible for actions and behaviors. Given ad-hoc situations, we react and respond unconsciously and only do the thinking after that. That explains why we sometimes think, talk and act undesirably.

Now, NLP Master Trainer & Hypnotherapy Trainer Lim Kit Wan combines her experience of years of corporate and public trainings, across cultures and industries on topics such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Time-Line Therapy™ and behavioral sciences, into a power-packed one-day workshop.

Titled Break Out! Break Thru! Break Free!, this workshop utilizes breakthrough combination strategies to empower you to unleash resources within you with the right technique and programming.

You will:

  • Learn techniques for better state management and mental relaxation
  • Liberate yourself from limiting beliefs & learn success principles
  • Tap on your inner wisdom for problem resolutions
  • Discover your inner values that drives you
  • Recognize destructive patterns that hold you back
  • Experience hypnotherapy to release inner negativity & unleash your maximum potential
  • Resolve conflicts & make better decisions by tapping into your inner oracle
  • Attain your goals, professional and personal

NLP states that if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.

Activate your resources now and Live By Design, Not By Default.

As published in The Star, 8 Aug 2014

As published in The Star, 8 Aug 2014