Your people are your greatest asset and may also be your greatest liability.  The role of the Human Resource Manager is key to the success of any organization as it is the HR Manager who finds the people to fit all the roles.  The right fit and everything moves like clockwork.  The wrong one does not even bear thinking.

The modern day HR Manager or Executive is no longer confined to hiring and firing.  Nowadays, it encompasses counseling, profiling candidates, handling very different personalities, conflict management and having to meet corporate objectives at the same time.  And, with all the training they provide for the workforce, they are usually the last ones to receive training.

NLP has been the much talked-about technology in the new century.  Began in the 70s, millions have now learned and practice NLP on a daily basis.  Professionals in all fields have found NLP to be empowering and many have experience the transformational effect NLP provides.

This program aims to equip HR Managers with the necessary tools that will enable them to meet the challenges of their jobs through understanding Personal Values (and what motivates each individual), discovering Complex Meta Programs, improve communication and linguistics and be equipped to counsel and coach employees.

The Applied NLP in Business (Human Resource) certification program is a 2-day certification and a MUST for all HR Professionals!  You will learn skills that will help you perform better and achieve better results:

¨     Learn and understand what NLP is and how it can be applied to enhance the HR role.

¨     Discover personal values and establish values hierarchy to determine motivation and beliefs.

¨     Improve communications skills and be able to read others.

¨     Build rapport to get agreement and be able to influence better.

¨     Learn key techniques for coaching others