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6. Principles and Ethics

Credibility and reputation are two significant components for trainers and consultants.  Without either, you will not stay long in this business.  To better project credibility and reputation, you must take fierce pride in what you do and you must take personal responsibility to want to excel in it.  Only then can credibility and reputation work in your favor.

Outline some principles and ethics that you must adhere to and always keep them in view to remind yourself to act upon it.

7.  Mental Flexibility

One of the best ways to learn is to teach it.  And, while you are teaching and training others, keep you mind open to absorb the ideas and experiences of others.  That way, you are constantly learning new things and new ideas you picked up can either inspire you to create more ideas or become part of your resource that you can share of others.

Nothing is cast in stone except the law of gravity; things and concepts changes.  Management was the in-thing in the 70s but it is leadership that people are after these days.  Keep yourself abreast of new concepts, changes and keep learning.  Knowledge is one of the many wonderful benefits you gain as a trainer.

8.  Talk 3Ps; Walk 3Ps

A trainer will inevitably encourage and recommend your participants to practice the skills learnt.  I call this the 3P approach – Practice Practice Practice!

While you encourage people to practice so that they will master and internalize the skills learned, you must be the one who will walk your talk too.

9.  Punctuality

A great session begins on time.  In Asia, due to traffic congestions in many of the cities, training sessions hardly start on time.  However, just because your participants will be late does not mean you can excuse yourself.

Whether or not your participants will be late, you must be early.  Make it a habit to be at least an hour early so you have time to get accustom to the training venue, your equipments and the early birds among your participants.  This is the best time to get acquainted with and lobby support from your participants.

Another benefit is having time on your hand to work out equipments that fail. Do prepare something to keep your early birds rewarded.

10.  Utilize Multiple Training Methodologies

In our MasterClass Train The Trainer workshop, we cover a total of 13 training methodologies.  For the purpose of getting you started, we will include 3 that will give you a head start.

  • Dynamic Presentations
  • Demonstration
  • Experiential Learning

In one way or another, trainers present information and concepts.  MAke your presentation dynamic, dramatize your examples and act out the roles.  This will make your presentation exciting and interesting to watch, listen and helps you engage your participants.

Be prepared to demonstrate what you speak about.  The Oscar-winning actors and actresses are in character and so must the trainer be.  Demonstrations should be planned with clear verbal explanation, showing the “how-to”, demonstrating, questioning and repeatedly practice.

Experiential learning has proved to be a popular method of engaging the audience.  Keep a resource list of activities, simulations and games that will get your participants moving physically and create an interrupt to the state pattern they get caught in.

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