In our previous article, we mentioned three out of seven steps that we can do on a daily basis to make our tomorrow a better, more joyful and meaningful one. Now, we are going to share with you the remaining four steps that can propel you towards growth and a life you wan. You would be amazed how these simple steps can start transforming your life, day in and out, without you realizing it.

4. Have Moments of Reflections 

When rounding up your day in bed, it is always good to spend 5-10 minutes reflecting on what has happened throughout the day. Evaluate the good, bad and ugly. Strengthen the good, improve on the bad and beautify the ugly. Ask yourself:

  • Have you achieved what you have set out to do today?
  • What is a better way to achieve even better results?
  • How can I make a comeback form a setback?
  • How can I turn the failures to feedback?
  • What are my learning that will strengthen my cause?

5. Think out of the box

If you do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten. There are many ways to achieve the same results. You can’t repeatedly do the same thing, and expect a different result. During your moments of reflection, you may include creativity and explore options. Talk to people around you who are encouraging of your purpose to get another perspective of the situation.

6. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Satisfaction 

We noticed there are some parents who make educational or career choices for their children, and have their children follow “what is best for them”. The child follows every step that their parents paved for them, only to realize at a later stage in their lives that what they are pursuing or doing is not something they really want. A kick of realization comes in later where they finally knew it was not satisfying them internally. This is like climbing the ladder of success, only to discover at the top that the ladder has been leaning against the wrong wall. Follow your heart. Are you truly happy doing what you are doing?

When there is passion, there is motivation.
When there is motivation, goals come to fruition.

7. Give up Arguing for your Limitations 

Time to time, many individuals striving for success in their chosen path may be overwhelmed by unpredictable hurdles and obstacles. Some may experience failure. Among those who failed, the great achievers will pick themselves up and try again. Yet, there will be some people who instead of examining what went wrong and how to do it right, choose to justify themselves, make excuses and blame it on others and/or the environment, etc but themselves. Which would you be?  The first or latter? Choose to be the one who focus your energy on results before reasons and learn from the mistakes before disregarding them.

Start your journey with these 7 simple steps and let us know how it have impacted your life. This is only the start of your journey and there are many more steps or techniques we can share with you in each phase of your life. We believe in the world of abundance. We want to help you in any way possible; and teach, give and share guidance and insights with you in order for you to live the life you designed.