Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. ~ Charles R. Swindoll

Throughout history, there were many who made a difference, those who went the distance, and those who made an impact in people’s lives. We are often inspired to be like them; and thus followed in their footsteps, and want to succeed like them. Some succeeded and some failed. Which do you fall into? Which would you want to become? Our Master Trainers, Dr. Billy Kueek and Lim Kit Wan constantly mention:, There’s a structure and/or a system in every magic.

 Nothing is impossible, it is impossible merely because we do not know how.

We have created and outlined 7 simple steps that you could follow and start doing daily to make a difference in your life, as well as impact the lives of people around you. We will share with you the first three steps geared to fortify you mentally and spiritually.

1. Time for changes 

Some changes we made within ourselves, whether big or small, could either happen instantly or evolve over time. The first step is to be realistic with the time required to create those changes. Examine your goal and plan the time realistically, so you know what it takes to sustain the change. Understand that a change process takes time.

Imagine a tide coming towards you: Would you rather build a sand castle that takes a shorter time to build but would come crashing down when the waves hit? Or would you rather build a fortress which takes a longer time to build, but is strong and steady to withstand the crashing waves?

2. Discover and renew your purpose and passion 

Making a difference in the world may not be the easiest task. You would need to gather all the resources you have, externally and internally. When you are feeling down or the going gets tough, it is the driving force within you that keeps you going. We recommend you that you understand the true purpose and intent of your goal, and discover the passion within you.

Externally, plan your action and work through your plans by taking some time to meet and talk to your mentors as often as you can. Expose yourself to visual cues, books, audio and videos that can fuel your motivation. Create an environment where you constantly feel energized. Allow you to see the bigger picture.

3. Celebrate the success, no matter big or small

In your daily journals, plan and create milestones you can monitor and review. This will ensure that you are kept on track with your achievements. Celebrate each milestones with a pat in the back, reward or treat. Little celebrations will rekindle the fire of passion and help create steady momentum to achieve more. However, do be aware and disciplined about the rewards we give to ourselves, so as to avoid over-indulging or neglecting the real purpose of the milestone. It avoid self-complacency which may get in the way of progressive success.