A number of years ago, I published a book “25 Tips to making money from Speaking” which I am looking to re-publish as an e-book.  While I am working on it, I thought I would share some of the tips from the book.  As a professional trainer, I recognise that no matter how many years experience we have or how polished we become, there is always room for improvement and therefore, I welcome comments and feedback from you.  After all, as the NLP presupposition states, There is no failure; only feedback.

1.   Develop Multiple Personalities

A trainer is an actor/actress, an artist, a comedian, a narrator, a story-teller, a trainer, a facilitator, a leader, a teacher and a friend.  The more of these roles you can master, the more engaging you will become.

Nobody likes listening to a story told by a boring personality.  You must develop excellent skills in all the roles mentioned and more.  Some trainers are magicians too.

2.   Keen awareness

Awareness is key to becoming outstanding.  As a trainer, your awareness must be acute in several areas.  It begins with yourself and knowing your strengths.  Some trainers I know of are simply overly intimidating or unbearable so be a likable person first, trainer second.

A trainer helps others identify their potential, strengths and weaknesses in order to facilitate learning and improvement in other people, it therefore makes sense for you to identify your own strengths and weaknesses.

Your ability to appraise yourself lies in your level of self-awareness.  Be honest with yourself, this is your own analysis and the more accurately you can identify areas of improvement, the more likely you are to improve upon it.

Awareness also encompasses your sense of consciousness about the surrounding, about your participants and be totally alert when they are in agreement or not in agreement with you.

3.    Fierce professional pride

We have discussed about the different roles a successful trainer should master.  In addition to that list, a trainer is also mentor and a leader.  Leading by example is one of the most powerful ways to influence.

I imagine you’d want to influence your participants to maximize their learning and therefore, you should do the same.  Take fierce pride in knowing, learning, planning, preparing, delivering and you will influence your participants to achieve results.  This combination will heighten positive testimonials for you so much that your name will be spread through the industry very quickly.

4.    The width and depth of knowledge

Surface knowledge just will not cut it.  Do not commit professional suicide in the business by taking on something you are not confident in delivering.  It is better you lose the deal than to lose your entire reputation.

You need to have both breadth and in-depth knowledge and skills.  Your level of knowledge is critical because trainers sell knowledge.  The more you know, the better you are able to relate to your participants.  The more you know, the more you can offer and add value to their learning.

As a Trainer, the fundamental knowledge you will need includes:

Breadth of knowledge in your area of expertise

¨     Context & Overall Literacy

¨     Training skills

¨     Research Skills

¨     Training Manual Writing Skills

¨     Communication and Presentation Skills

5.    Personal qualities

Every trade requires different personal qualities.  As a professional trainer, you must possess:

¨     Excellent Personal Grooming and Dressing

¨     Willingness to learn

¨     Desire to improve

¨     Ability to manage and lead change

¨     Ability to tolerate uncertainty and pressure

¨     Strong Interpersonal Skills

¨     People Orientation

¨     Committed to Personal and Professional Integrity

These are just some of the tips and techniques that I share during the MasterClass Train The Trainer program which I developed based on my years of experience as a professional trainer.  The next program will run from 19 to 23 September 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and this may be the last time I run this program for the next few years, or perhaps ever. 

My team inform me that the enrollments for this program has been overwhelming and we will be closing registration very soon.  However, if you would like more information about this program, email Office@BillyKueek.com today.