What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life – Leo Buscaglia

 Your Willingness to Learn

How’s your willingness to learn more about improving your life and making it better? What are you currently doing to enhance your life? It is never easy to acknowledge that life could be not going the way you want it to be or that you’re stuck not knowing what to do. Pride and ego are something people hold on to defend their current situation, to avoid shame and people look down on them.

They are not willing to release these emotional clutches. They fear they will become someone they are not and will lose control of their life. Hence, how susceptible and accepting you are to change and ready to take the first step in learning? If you are willing to be a self-learner, ultimately you are developing yourself. The truth is, if you fear change, then there is no point in investing in growing, enhancing and enriching your life isn’t it?

Think about this. Wouldn’t it be silly for a person who wants a healthy body but refused to invest in healthy diets and regular exercises?

Your Willingness to Act

So, what happens next after acknowledging that you are in need to change and anticipating the ah-ha moments? Action should always be the follow up of a new learning. Whatever you have seen, heard or felt bring it out into practice. Practice doesn’t necessary means perfect.

 Perfect practice makes it perfect.

Practice makes it persistent.

Practice makes it permanent.


Say you are in a soccer team and the coach tells you that your kick is bad and you need to work on it. Diligently, you work on your kick every day, only to realize after a month of practice, your game did not approve at all. It is not about kicking hard; it is about kicking smart. The correct way is to ask the coach to demonstrate specifically on how a kick should be done, and practicing that kick right.

Truly step out of your comfort zone. Take out your shades that have been blocking your sights. With repetition, practice and timing, you are conditioning yourself to adapt to the new you. A surge of new profound strength, power and confidence will start flowing inside you.  Your story is going the way you design and want before you know it.

We make a living by what we get,

We make a life by what we give.

– Winston Churchill


Your Willingness to Share

Learning and putting in into action can only bring you to the 80% mark. But the remaining 20% can be only achieved when sharing or teaching it to someone else. Whenever we are put into a position to share, teach or present, we will work really hard for it. Either because of the fear of humiliation of not doing well or an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge to them, we would strive to give our best. You will find that your growth will be taken to the next level just by sharing or coaching someone. It will be one of the greatest things in your life where you make a difference in others.

In short, the significance of learning is not only the results you achieved, but the people you reach out too, connect and empower.  At each moment in your life, you have to choose what your next step going to be. Choose WHEN to start and choose HOW it ends. Be responsible of your life. The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try, to breakout and to breakfree.