Live By Design

One Program, Four Certifications. This NLP practitioner certification program is scheduled for runs in Singapore and Malaysia every year.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

NLP is an innovative approach to understanding and appreciating human experience, communication and behavior. NLP is known to have helped many people achieve breakthroughs in their performance, relationships, education, coaching, business, therapy and in themselves.

What you will learn


The tallest building in the world depends on its strong fundamentals. In all our training programs, you will be thoroughly prepared with sound fundamentals to maximize the training and the learning of subject matters.

  • NLP Presuppositions to empower you and your mind set.
  • NLP Principles of Success & BKi’s Action Framework so you set your goals correctly and achieve success.

Communication skills

Communication skills are the foundation to human success. Beyond communicating with others, you will learn NLP’s Communication Model and how to maximize congruence and be totally convincing when influencing others.

  • NLP Rapport Strategies to enhance rapport with others.
  • Predicates allow you to read and understand others by observing cues and signs.
  • Eye Patterns allow you to calibrate thinking patterns.
  • Sensory Acuity to observe and read others accurately.


Linguistics is the advanced module in Communication. Learn more about linguistic strategies and patterns and how you can utilize these patterns to achieve success when dealing with others.

  • Hierarchy of Ideas help you organize ideas so your presentation becomes clear and structured.
  • Meta Model is precision questioning that overcome common communication problems of Generalizations, Deletions and Distortions. In addition, you will learn how Meta Model can help resolve problems.
  • Milton Model is the language pattern of becoming artfully vague.
  • Reframing is a linguistic strategy for examining problems and finding options.


Submodalities is the segment where we explore and tap on the power of your Unconscious Mind to make changes at the source, a deep level of our mind within us.

  • SMD Like to Dislike allows you to take charge of the food you like and, turn them into dislike.
  • NLP Belief Change transforms negative and disempowering beliefs into positive and empowering beliefs. Your belief is either liberating or limiting.
  • Swish Patterns helps you overcome destructive habits and behaviors and generate new positive behaviors and actions.



utilizes the natural stimulus-response mechanisms within us so we may take charge of our states and therefore, our results. There is no unresourceful person, only unresourceful states.

  • Resource Anchoring equips you with the strategy to feel right when you want to and to maximize your performance.
  • Collapse Anchors allows you to remove negative states and anchors in you so you can scale greater heights with greater state management
  • Chaining Anchors gets rid of stuck states such as procrastination and apathy.


Strategies is NLP’s term for patterns or preferences. You will learn in this segment how people consistently do the things they do to achieve consistent results. Understanding and applying NLP Strategies will allow you to get decisions faster, sell more effectively, influence more positively and learn more productively.

    • TOTE Model
    • Strategy Elicitation & Utilization

Parts Integration

Parts Integration– With parts within ourselves, we become crippled to action. Parts are conflicts within ourselves and this happens when a part of you wishes to do something but another part of you wants something else and the two parts are conflicting. Many people lack action due to these forces fighting within themselves and hence, the lack of positive results. This technique will enable you to act positively and get rid of the conflict within you and others.

Applying NLP

    • Personal coaching
    • Parenting
    • Leadership
    • Negotiations, sales and presentations
    • Learning and education
    • Positive change and growth
    • Performance enhancements for self and others

Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner

Time Line Therapy™ enables you to get rid of unwarranted negative emotions and phobias and eliminate limiting decisions so that your life is not burdened by issues of your past. With Time Line Therapy™ techniques, you can insert your goals in your future, and achieve them.

What you will learn

Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind

Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind to understand the inner workings of our powerful mind.

Elicitation of Time Line

Elicitation of Time Line is the technique in TLT that will help you identify the time line and its orientation so that change work can commence.

TLT Negative Emotions #1 & #2

TLT Negative Emotions #1 & #2 are the 2 primary processes to eliminate negative emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, etc… Imagine living life without these baggages, you can then truly be free to achieve greatness.

TLT Limiting Decisions

TLT Limiting Decisions Is used to get rid of limiting decisions which ultimately results in limiting beliefs. Having freed the heart, you now free your mind, success is your only reality.

Single Goal Insertion

Single Goal Insertion utilizes your NLP-styled goals and then inserts it into your future, making them compelling and enhancing the probability of achieving your goals.

Professional Hypnotherapist

Unleash the power and potential of your Unconscious Mind using the powers of Hypnosis. You have the ability to be amazing, if only you knew how. Accelerate positive change in yourself and for others.

What you will learn

History of Hypnosis

History of Hypnosis takes you behind the scenes to understand hypnosis and its background.

The Conscious and Unconscious Mind

The Conscious and Unconscious Mind are the 2 minds that work within us. Understanding the power of the Unconscious mind allows you to work with it and create change at a deep level within us.

Preparation for Trance

TLT Negative Emotions #1 & #2 are the 2 primary processes to eliminate negative emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, etc… Imagine living life without these baggages, you can then truly be free to achieve greatness.

Stages of Hypnosis

Stages of Hypnosis allow you to recognize and understand the various levels of trance so you can facilitate your clients to get better results.

Suggestibility Testing

Stages of Hypnosis allow you to recognize and understand the various levels of trance so you can facilitate your clients to get better results.

Ericksonian Inductions

Ericksonian Inductions I & II are techniques of Milton Erickson (a.k.a. the Father of Modern Hypnotherapy) which is normally taught as a separate certification training but you will learn them in our programs.

Deepening Techniques

Deepening Techniques help the therapist facilitate deep levels of trance for maximum effect.

Hypnotherapy Script-Writing Techniques

Hypnotherapy Script-Writing Techniques will equip you with knowledge, skills and abilities to write your own scripts, for self and clients due to the personalized nature of targeted results.

Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Post Hypnotic Suggestions ensure therapy produces results and lasting changes.


Self-Hypnosis is a special segment so you can manage your mind and states better to maximize rest, achieve growth and change.

NLP Coach

Be the best that you are meant to be as you make a difference to others.
Certified under ABNLP, learn how you can be effective coach utilizing combination strategies.

What you will learn

Introduction to Coaching

Introduction to Coaching takes you through the foundations that prepare you to succeed as a professional coach.

The Client-Coach Relationship

The Client-Coach Relationship identifies the components necessary to achieve positive results with your clients.

Coaching Tools

Coaching Tools is a collection of tools to maximize results with your clients.

Getting to the root of the client’s problem

Getting to the root of the client’s problem enables you to really uncover the root cause of problems because very often, the client is unaware of what the real problem is.

The business of coaching

The business of coaching empowers you with the know-how to start a successful coaching business.

Applications of NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy and EQ

Applications of NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy and EQ explores in-depth and clinical applications of these strategies in coaching.

Experience a real coaching session

Experience a real coaching session is the graduating project to showcase your application of learning and competence levels, befitting the title as a NLP Coach.




Very down-to-earth. The things taught are very applicable in all areas of life. Most importantly was that what was taught came from the heart.

Michael Leong

LIVE BY DESIGN is a well designed program that meets its objectives and is facilitated by a genuinely committed team who really care that you get it!

Joyce Fong

It was an excellent program that opened the eyes for self improvement and increased the possibility of other option in life!

Wee Fin Nee