Live By Design Master Practitioner

One Program, Four Certifications. This practitioner certification program is scheduled for runs in Singapore and Malaysia every year.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner

NLP is an innovative approach to understanding and appreciating human experience, communication and behavior. NLP is known to have helped many people achieve breakthroughs in their performance, relationships, education, coaching, business, therapy and in themselves.

What you will learn

Remedial & Generative Change Works

Remedial & Generative Change Works explores the different types of change work and coaching scenarios so you truly master understanding of this professional field.

Quantum Linguistics

Quantum Linguistics equip you with more advanced linguistic patterns and techniques so you can clear problem states instantly, resolve problems immediately, embed commands for maximum influence, explore negotiation tactics, mediate, destroy negative decisions and help others de-identify with negative models.

Meta Programs

Meta Programs provide knowledge into personality types and better understanding of self and others so we may deal more effectively with others to enhance relationship and results in interaction.

Complex Meta Programs

Complex Meta Programs get into greater depth with the inner workings of people. Useful in leadership, parenting, coaching, sales, negotiations and education functions.

Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics explores the M-Field and our relationship with the universe and how this knowledge can help you attract more success in your life.


Values provides the answer to what lights the fire within. Beyond learning and understand about Values and how it affects our life and results, you will learn how to shift values hierarchy which will create transformational change.

Parts Integration

Parts Integration – With parts within ourselves, we become crippled to action. Parts are conflicts within ourselves and this happens when a part of you wishes to do something but another part of you wants something else and the two parts are conflicting. Many people lack action due to these forces fighting within themselves and hence, the lack of positive results. This technique will enable you to act positively and get rid of the conflict within you and others.

Clare Graves Values Levels

Clare Graves Values Levels provides more intriguing knowledge about the world and how people respond or react to changes. This understanding is tremendously powerful when applied in coaching, parenting, educating and leading.

Prime Concerns

Prime Concerns is yet another mind-blowing technique that helps to uncover deep desires and wants. Knowing Prime Concerns and its Intervention allows you to focus your resources to obtain states of ecstacy.

Sleight of Mouth

Sleight of Mouth is a series of communication techniques that will help you win communication encounters.

Advanced Submodalities

Advanced Submodalities feature designer swish patterns that incorporates combination NLP techniques into one formidable intervention for change.

Advanced Strategies

Advanced Strategies get into design and installation so changes and enhancements within a person is maximized.

Personal Breakthrough

Personal Breakthrough I focuses on your personal breakthrough so you are free to achieve your goals.

Time Line Therapy™ Master Practitioner

Time Line Therapy™ enables you to get rid of unwarranted negative emotions and phobias and eliminate limiting decisions so that your life is not burdened by issues of your past. With Time Line Therapy™ techniques, you can insert your goals in your future, and achieve them.

What you will learn

Taking Detailed Personal History

Taking Detailed Personal History helps you to uncover deep seated issues and root causes of problems.

Changing of Time Line Orientation

Changing of Time Line Orientation changes characteristics so you can help yourself and your clients enjoy the benefits of embracing the right characteristics while performing the right task.

TLT Negative Emotions #1 & #2

TLT Negative Emotions #1 & #2 are the 2 primary processes to eliminate negative emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, etc… Imagine living life without these baggages, you can then truly be free to achieve greatness.

Releasing Negative Emotions, Emotional Chains #1 and #2 and The Drop Down Through (DDT) Technique

Releasing Negative Emotions, Emotional Chains #1 and #2 and The Drop Down Through (DDT) Technique are advanced techniques that will ensure negative emotional baggage stored in different gestalt are dealt with effectively.

TLT Anxiety

TLT Anxiety helps your clients get rid of anxiety and enhance performance in their chosen areas.

TLT Phobia Model

TLT Phobia Model, as the name implies, gets rid of phobia.

Single Goal Insertion

Single Goal Insertion allows your client to enjoy the same level of success as you do.

Forensic Regression and TLT Regression

Forensic Regression and TLT Regression are regression techniques, used in special circumstances.

Pain Paradigm

Pain Paradigm allows you to deal with pain that are non-medical in nature and get rid of the pattern of pain creation.

Interventions to Simulate Healing

Interventions to Simulate Healing facilitates recovery and expedite healing.


Master Hypnotist

Unleash the power and potential of your Unconscious Mind using the powers of Hypnosis. You have the ability to be amazing, if only you knew how. Accelerate positive change in yourself and for others.

What you will learn

Scope of Practice

Scope of Practice highlights the recommended areas where you may focus on in providing your services.

Resistances and Contraindications

Resistances and Contraindications prepare you to conduct result-oriented outcome.

Review of Success Criteria

Review of Success Criteria reinforces your understanding on successful hypnotherapy, handling of concepts, further pre-talks and how to use the Paris Window for hypnotherapy.

Suggestibility Tests, Initial Hypnotic Training and Waking Hypnosis Test

Suggestibility Tests, Initial Hypnotic Training and Waking Hypnosis Test further enhances your repertoire of skills to ensure success.

Multiple Embedded Metaphors

Multiple Embedded Metaphors allow you to make changes at deep levels of the Unconscious Mind and induces while deepening trances.

The Psychology of Suggestions

The Psychology of Suggestions highlight the keys to effective suggestions and influence and how you can utilize the power of suggestions to get results.

Ericksonian's Patterns of Indirect Suggestions

Ericksonian’s Patterns of Indirect Suggestions further add on to your inventory of influencing powerfully.

General Pendulum Paradigm and Analog Pendulum

General Pendulum Paradigm and Analog Pendulum further equips you with techniques to stimulate healing and change. Adjust the body’s metabolism rate and manage your weight effortlessly.

Hypnotic Inductions and Speed Inductions

Hypnotic Inductions and Speed Inductions furnish you with more techniques of induction including how you can speedily hypnotize a client in seconds.

Dave Elman Hypnosis

Dave Elman Hypnosis takes you through the entire repertoire of Elman’s style of hypnosis.

George Estabrooks direct authoritative approaches

George Estabrooks direct authoritative approaches will be taught and you will learn how to use them during class.

Conversion of Sleep to Hypnosis and Hypnosis to Sleep

Conversion of Sleep to Hypnosis and Hypnosis to Sleep is a special segment designed for working with children or with people who are highly resistant.

Hypnosis and Health

Hypnosis and Health explores the relationship between the body and the mind.

Stage Presentation and Routine

Stage Presentation and Routine is another special segment of this program where you will learn how to make a presentation on the topic of hypnotherapy and for conducting stage demonstrations.

Exercise Convincer

Exercise Convincer is where you perform the Full Body Catalepsy.

NLP Master Practitioner Coach

Be the best that you are meant to be as you make a difference to others. Learn how you can be effective coach utilizing combination strategies.

What you will learn

Applying profiling tools

Applying profiling tools help you gain understanding on the use of personality profiling tools as platform for coaching.

Clare Graves' Values Levels

Clare Graves’ Values Levels reinforce your understanding of how people transit through levels.

Coaching through the Values Levels

Coaching through the Values Levels add to your repertoire of skills to effectively help your clients transit and progress to their new levels.

Coaching Cycle

Coaching Cycle provides the framework so you organize your coaching service more purposefully.

Coaching Assignment

Coaching Assignment is the graduation project where you showcase and apply the combination coaching strategies taught during the entire class.


Very down-to-earth. The things taught are very applicable in all areas of life. Most importantly was that what was taught came from the heart.

Michael Leong

LIVE BY DESIGN is a well designed program that meets its objectives and is facilitated by a genuinely committed team who really care that you get it!

Joyce Fong

It was an excellent program that opened the eyes for self improvement and increased the possibility of other option in life!

Wee Fin Nee

I’m Interested and I want to…

Live By Design

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