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President Obama’s second term – the influencing power of words

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As President Obama is sworn into his second term as President of the United States, I thought this would be a good time to briefly mention how NLP and Hypnosis is used in our daily lives without us even knowing most of the time.  From advertisements to the media, from politicians to salesmen, and our own parents could have used hypnotic language patterns and linguistic patterns in their communication, knowingly or unknowingly.

Both Presidents Obama and Clinton have a team of advisors which include NLP Master Practitioners who review their speeches to ensure that they include the appropriate linguistics to resonate with their audiences.  In business, NLP can certainly help in communication during negotiations in order to influence the listener and get the message across.

Advertisements use NLP Linguistics to influence your buying habits.  For example, the ad may read like this – ‘buying this washing powder means you love your family’. In NLP, this is called a context reframe because if you think about it, how would using a particular washing powder mean that you love your family.  But that is exactly what the message implies.

Or when a salesman repeatedly tells you ‘by now’ in his sales patter, what he is really saying to you is ‘buy now’.  We call this embedded command where the instruction or command is embedded into a sentence so that the unconscious mind picks it up.

So when you think about it, everyone and anyone is able to influence others by being more conscious and aware of the word choices used.  For the next few days, try focusing on the words others & yourself use and listen out for any hypnotic language or linguistic patterns in their communication. You may be surprised just how often it pops up!


Living By Design

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“If only I had learnt this 20 years ago …” is one of the most common feedback I get from participants after they graduate from our Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy Practitioner training program  (also known as Live by Design).  For one young man, he certainly did.

Zachary Tan was just 16+ years old when his mother enrolled him for our Practitioner training.  Having faced some medical issues, Zachary was (like many 16 year olds) busy enjoying life, not too keen on focusing on studies, not very motivated to do much.  His parents had heard about NLP and decided that it was worth investing in the program for their eldest son.  So Zachary joined our program in January 2012 and after 8 days, he became the youngest certified NLP Practitioner in Singapore and Malaysia!

What was more important is that he realised the power of what he had learned and wanted to apply his new-found knowledge to help his friends (and at the same time, start earning some money to pay for his Master Practitioner training).  By then, Zachary had already decided that he was going to become a Master Practitioner, in August 2013.  He was focused on passing his exams and doing well in school so that he could become a role model for other teenagers and help them through coaching.

However, the story does not end there.  In October 2012, Zachary decided he did not want to delay his learning any further and rather than wait till August 2013, he enrolled for the November 2012 Master Practitioner training.  On 1 December 2012, at the tender age of 17 years and 4 months, Zachary Tan became one of the youngest certified NLP Master Practitioners in the world.  During the 15-day program, he worked with fellow participants, some of whom were many years older than him and they commented on his maturity, understanding and grasp of the subject matter and his professionalism as a coach.  He certainly held his own, in spite of his age and limited life experiences.

My team and I are proud of all our graduates, and especially delighted for Zachary for he has all the tools at his disposal and can live his life by design.  To learn NLP at his age, he has an even brighter future and we wish him every success!  Congratulations Zachary Tan!  And who knows, he may yet become the youngest NLP Trainer in Asia.


NLP can change me

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… and it did!

This is an email I received from one of my graduates who attended our Live By Design Certification Training and was certified as NLP and Time Line Therapy(TM) Practitioner, Professional Hypnotherapist and Impact System(c) Coach which I wanted to share.

Dear Billy,

I really had to write to you to thank you and your team for changing my life.  Having completed your LBD program, I have come home a new person who is able to face life with renewed energy and I am feeling so positive about what lies ahead.

I must admit that when I attended your preview session and heard you talk about NLP and Hypnotherapy, I was hesitant.  So many thoughts ran through my head at that time.  Was it really possible that you can achieve so much in 8 days?  Surely there must be a catch.

Then I worried about what the ‘new me’ would be like.  I thought that I would change and my friends would not know me, or maybe like the new me.  And would I lose my identity if I changed.  All these worries, all these questions and I am sure I am not the only person who has these concerns.

All I can say now is that YES I did change, in just 8 days and I love the new me.  My family members and my friends do as well.  They say that they see me smiling so much now and that I have a glow and they are happy for me.  My worries were unfounded and I am glad I ignored them and came for the program.

Dealing with issues that I did not even know existed because they were deeply locked in my unconscious mind, working on minor blockages that were holding me back and just letting go of emotional baggage and negativity – all this has lightened my load.  I feel so free and light now.  I am so grateful to my fellow participant who worked as my coach in the Breakthrough session.  Somehow, she just knew what questions to ask to get to my problems and dealt with them professionally.

The program is worth every cent I paid.. a worthwhile investment in myself.  Thank you for your wonderful program.  It is reassuring to know that there are people like you and your team who care about others and truly wish to make a difference to others.

Yes, NLP changed me, for the better!  Thank you, Billy!

With Gratitude,

Your graduate

(The name has been withheld at the request of the graduate)

New Year, New Breakthroughs

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In 2012, have you

  • achieved your resolutions?
  • profited from new experiences?
  • created magical moments?
  • become who you want to be?
  • attained what you want to have?
  • enhanced your personal identity?

In essence, do you know what makes the incredible you?  And if you do, do you want to do something about it now?

As 2013 fast approaches, perhaps it is time to look at what we have achieved in the current year, and what we want to achieve.  Are you consistently reaching your goals and living your dreams?  Or perhaps you feel that it is time to look at your options, be it in life, career or relationships.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy provide the complete toolkit to help you deal with personal challenges and issues, to enhance your performance identity to achieve what you want to achieve, to have what you want to have and liberate you to do what you want to do, and these techniques and skills can be used to help others, through  coaching.

Imagine having the tools that help you cope with life’s challenges or having a positive mindset all the time.  See yourself setting goals and achieving them.  Be able to build rapport easily, communicate effectively and influence others.  Get rid of negative emotions and limiting beliefs which are holding you back.  These are just some of the results that are enjoyed on a daily basis by our Live By Design Practitioners and Master Practitioners.

Billy Kueek International offers internationally recognized certifications in NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy at Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer levels.  As the only training company in the region with two NLP Master Trainers and Hypnotherapy Master Trainer, Billy Kueek International runs the Live By Design Certification Program in Malaysia and Singapore several times a year for you to transform your life or to become professional coaches.

The Live By Design Certification program combines all three disciplines and incorporates Impact System © Coaching and Applied NLP in Business certifications over eight days at the Practitioner level and 15 days at Master Practitioner level.

For those who wish to be certified as NLP and Hypnotherapy trainers (under the American Board of NLP and American Board of Hypnotherapy), they can join the Trainers’ Training program, even if they have received their Practitioner and Master Practitioner training with other companies.

For more information about our programs, training schedule and fees, visit, email or contact +6012 434 9500.

Get ready to be rid of old limiting beliefs, and have new empowering beliefs.

To be a Certified Trainer – NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy

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There is growing interest to become certified trainers especially in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy (TLT) and Hypnotherapy.  At Billy Kueek International, we offer certification at trainer level in all three under the American Board of NLP (ABNLP), Time Line Therapy Association (TLTA) and American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH).

In order to get certified in each of these, there are a few steps to follow:

  1. Certification as Practitioner
  2. Certification as Master Practitioner
  3. Certification as Trainer
  4. Certification as Master Trainer (exception TLT)

Practitioners and Master Practitioners can be coaches, utilising the skills and techniques they have learned during their program.

Trainers can certify Practitioners and Master Practitioners and Master Trainers certify Trainers.

Do note that with TLT, you must be certified in NLP first, therefore, to become a TLT trainer, you must first be a NLP trainer.  Also, with TLT, you are first certified as a TLT Practitioner trainer, then if you wish to train Master Practitioners, there is an additional certification.  And there is no Master Trainer certification for TLT as yet.

Billy Kueek International offers training in all 3 disciplines at Practitioner and Master Practitioner level and we certify Trainers in NLP and Hypnotherapy.  We can also facilitate TLT Practitioner Training certification which is obtained directly from TLTA.  For now, BKI is probably the only training company in South-East Asia offering training at all 3 levels, with our Master Trainers and Trainers in NLP and Hypnotherapy.

If you are interested to find out more about our programs, then do contact us at or visit for details and join us in a rewarding career!


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We live in a world where people are stereotyped. You may be defined by your looks, achievements, profession, status, wealth (or lack of it), clothes, friends, car you drive, and so on…. Deep down, we know what we want to do or who we want to be, but many do not have the guts to stand up and be different, to go against the norm and be the best they can be, whatever that may be. It is easier to conform to society’s expectations so that you are accepted by everyone.

Your personal definition of success may not be married with 2.4 kids, the house with white picket fence and the MPV parked in the driveway. So what if you choose to have a job that does not pay the mega-bucks but brings you personal satisfaction. So what if you decide that being a parent could be single parenting, adoption, fostering. So who cares if you put happiness and contentment and inner peace above all else.
Be true to yourself and do what is right for you. Have the strength to be all that you were meant to be and leave your mark in the world.  Live By Design!

Benefits of the Live By Design Program

The Live By Design Program, or LBD for short, is our special program that combines NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy and Coaching together into one program with five certifications (additional certification – Applied NLP in Business).

I am constantly asked why someone should attend the program and will it help them professionally.  Let me share this:

  • Would you like to be able to let go of anger, sadness, fear and guilt that is inside you?
  • Would you like to have a deeper understanding of your personal behavior and be able to change it, and have greater mental and behavioral flexibility?
  • Do you project negativity as a result of accumulating it over the years, and if so, isn’t it time to let it go?  After all, negative emotions inside us harm us and prevent us from being open to receive positivity.
  • Do you find that perhaps you are allowing unresolved negative emotions build up and become stronger, resulting in inappropriate anger, damaging relationships and creating frustrations inside you?
  • As a working professional, would you like to be able to communicate better, listen better and develop the ability to ask strategic questions to coach and help not just yourself but also others?
  • How about developing charisma with NLP, just like the other powerful communicators and leaders in the world such as Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.
  • Ever wanted to utilize the power of your mind and Unconscious Mind (a.k.a. Subconscious mind), be able to get rid of negative habits, have better self-control, get rid of phobias, deal with anxiety, remove limiting beliefs and decisions and eliminate internal conflicts?
  • Want to be able to set goals that work and learn self-development strategies for differentiating goals and states?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, then this is the program for you.  Is it time to Live By Design?  Contact and change your life today!


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Coaching is a form of personal development where the coach and the client work closely together to help the client achieve their goals.  Coaching is applied in many areas of life, from sports to business to personal, depending on the client’s needs.

How many of us had grand plans when we were younger, wanting to run a major corporation, be the best tennis player in the world, will be President, and yet, how many of us do actually see our plans turn into reality?  What stopped us from achieving them?  And more importantly, can we do anything about it.

There are those who do achieve their goals and are very successful and still have this feeling of emptiness within themselves, that there is something missing.

If you feel that there is something holding you back from becoming the person you were meant to be, then you should speak to a coach and let him (or her) help you discover what is truly important to you, what is the purpose you so desperately seek yet did not know it was missing and help you live a rich and full life.

The coaching relationship is a special one.  In order for it to work, you must first be prepared to work on whatever problems may arise.  Secondly, you must be open to sharing as it is by being open that the coach is able to discover the root of the problem and therefore address the issue.  The coach has been professionally trained and is the best person to help you so let him do his job.  There have been times when we see clients telling coaches what they think the problem is and how the coach should help them.

Different types of coaching:

  • Life coaching – the coach facilitates the client’s growth in work and also in personal life.
  • Executive coaching – usually client is senior management or higher and the coach works on business related issues as well as on client’s personal development with the focus on achieving better business performance and results.
  • Parent coaching – to help the client improve their parenting skills and help their children lead happy, balanced lives.
  • Sports coaching – coaching the client to improve and develop their sports skills.  The coach is not necessarily a sports trainer, but rather one who focuses on the client’s mindset, to think like a winner.

Other forms of coaching – there are more forms of coaching that are available, depending on the client’s specific needs.