Living Free – Make the Right Choice

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Watching “The Greatest Showman” triggered many thoughts and stirred many emotions within me. With the world advancing so rapidly and making great improvements to human lives, yet we are still encountering natural disasters, illnesses and physical/mental defects. While many claimed to be saintly and aspire to be a great person, it is with no doubts that many also still bears prejudices and discrimination for people who are different. Thus when one stands out differently, he or she seemed to be the common target for random attacks in one way or another.

I remember when I was a kid, I was, on many occasions, called “Weird“. Yes, physically and mentally I am normal; I just frequently have uncommon thoughts that defy the normality of the social circle around me. Sometimes I asked the weirdest questions, challenged the ancient norms, and talked about “dreams” that no one ever thought about. Do I feel upset? Was I shaken? Yes, of course! For I am also a human who feels. Slowly I learnt to be selective in sharing my thoughts. I only shared with people who have an open mind, who are willing to explore beyond, and dare to challenge the unknown. As such, one can only guess… I don’t really have many friends. Good friends… RARE! Did I try to conform so that I fit in? Yes, of course again! I went through Education, the usual career path, the ever-damned rat race, and the sickening office politics at work.

So what happened to me? With the values I hold within me, the experiences I went through and the beliefs that were built or inculcated into me, I developed into a person who is independent and surrounded by a tall & thick wall. With very few friends and little support, I relied mainly on myself to become “successful”. I, sometimes, set unrealistic expectations on myself trying to achieve the ridiculous expectations of others. My life seemed to go just round and round in circles with no aim. I worked hard (maybe too hard). I earned money that I never had time to spend, cos I was always working late into the weekday nights, and during the weekends I just wanted to crash on my bed eternally (not to mention I brought work home over the weekends too). Eventually I felt like a walking zombie just living each day out. I was aimless, lost, unmotivated, frustrated, and tired; and my health was taking a toil on me.

In 2015, I made a major breakthrough in my life. I felt lifeless and totally angry. And one day, after experiencing a major trigger at work, I decided Enough is Enough! I needed help and guidance, and that’s when I re-explored the notion of learning Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP). Against everyone’s advice, I quit my job. Everyone asked me to reconsider and just stay on the “safe” track, so that as I, at least, would receive a steady flow of income and be able to maintain my existing lifestyle. But what “lifestyle” was I having when I don’t even have a life?! I moved on and never look back upon my old life ever again.

Since then I started my journey on NLP as an inquisitive explorer, then a Practitioner to a Master Practitioner, and I am now a NLP Trainer myself. I remember on Day 3 of my NLP Practitioner Training, I was taught to use Perceptual Position to help resolve a conflict with someone whom I would not be able to resolve face-to-face. During the exercise, I used it to resolve my conflict with my ex-boss whom I totally despised. After the exercise, my frustration for my ex-boss seemed to just dissipate; and I texted my ex-colleague to inform that I forgave my ex-boss and I was not angry with him anymore. Isn’t that just amazing?! By forgiving my ex-boss and letting go of the anger within me, a new and better version of myself emerged. I became happier and more care-free. What NLP has taught me is to always have an open perspectives and view matters from all angles. It also helped me to develop self awareness, take personal responsibility for my life, and sharpened my self-leadership.

The Map is not the Territory. Respect for the Other Person’s Model of the World.
~ NLP Presuppositions

Now, I conduct Corporate Training to empower people to advance in their career, and offer coaching services to those who desire to achieve personal breakthroughs in their personal life or career. And I am very happy doing what I am doing now. In line with our company’s vision, “Transforming People, Inspiring Lives“, I am glad to be working with a team of like-minded people who derive satisfaction out of inspiring and empowering people, so that they can achieve success and be happy.

When I meet up with my friends and ex-colleagues, very often I feel a lot of dissatisfaction, frustrations, anger, weariness from them regarding their work. I hear a lot of whining that lead to nothing:- No Change. No Actions. While they are unhappy, it seemed the discomfort is not painful enough to get them out of the system. When I asked why they want to remain where they are, the usual answer that returns is “No choice“. Yet no choice is also a choice. A choice that you made to remain stuck in the existing wretch moment. Everyone has choices. In fact, MANY!

We are all shaped and a result of our choices. And how we make our choices is often based on the values and beliefs that influence us. Following the TFAR model, our Thoughts create Feelings in us that translate into Actions, thus producing the Results. And all we need is to just control that first thought to achieve the desired result we want.

Everyone of us is born a winner, gifted with our own talents, and slated for success in our own ways. When you follow your heart’s true desire, and be led by your highest purpose, you will find the meaning of your life and be happy. All of us deserves to be happy. We are not born to work non stop and suffer. We are born to live and experience. Live in the moment. Remember the time when you were a kid; and you were fearless and filled with dreams and imaginations. Success is in all of us. The question is “How much do you want it to manifest in your life? And what are you willing to do/change to see it happen in real?

We create our own problems; and yet we are the solutions to our problems.
We are always looking for more resources (time, money, support. etc), yet we are the best asset we have.
We are always battling in life and career, and we are the best weapon on hand.
We are always looking for the best leader to guide us, yet it is self leadership that leads us the best.

Now… What do you really want in your life? What choices would you make?

Focus on What’s Important

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Personal sharing of Jessica (24 years old) on her experience during a certification program conducted by Billy Kueek International



“Life is like a camera,
Capture the good times,
Develop from the negatives
And if things don’t work out,
Take another shot.






This quote perfectly sums up my LBD (Live By Design) journey organized by Billy Kueek International (BKI). LBD is short for Live By Design and not by default, a program which has benefitted me tremendously as it shows me how to live my life according to my own principles and values, and not according to other people’s expectations. In our society or culture, there are no shortages of cases where people, friends and family members “recommend” how we should live our life, what work or job we should pursue, what course we should study, what to eat… and the list goes on. I am pretty sure all of us to do it – whether consciously or unconsciously – and I have had my fair share of being on the receiving end of these incidences as well while growing up.

In a nutshell, I became obsessed with how other people viewed me, or what they thought of me, and hence I became pessimistic. I was frequently angry, irritated and had lots of negative thoughts in my head. I became withdrawn, fearful of talking to people or strangers – fearful of them judging me and my appearance. I even dreaded going to parties and social gatherings because I would panic, thinking “What if someone starts talking to me, and then compares me with my sibling (twin sister)?”

The LBD program is an 9-day certification program that incorporates Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy™ (TLT), Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching. It equips you with the knowledge and skills to resolve personal blockages, remove limiting beliefs and negative baggage and be able to Live life By Design.

At first, I was skeptical about joining the program, as I did not fully believe it could help me with my personal issues. Since NLP is the study of human behaviour, and of modelling excellence and changing your mindset to be more positive, I thought to myself: “Hey, in that case I can do it myself as it’s my mind”. Having graduated with a degree in Psychology, I thought I was more than equipped to change my own thinking, as and when I wanted to. It turned out, I was totally wrong about that!

In fact, I know for sure that my mindset has totally changed because of the program. I realized that I needed that extra push, motivation and encouragement to help me to solve my insecurities, issues and self-esteem. I could sense myself changing and becoming a totally different person during the program. I started coming out from my shell and am now a much friendlier, happier and contented person. Beyond that, the program taught me to be more positive and see things not just from only one perspective, but from others’ point of view as well. I learnt skills on how to reframe my thinking whenever I heard or saw things I disliked, and how to instantly access my positive feelings whenever I could feel any negativity start within me.

This course, unlike any other programs I know, included many practical exercises where we put knowledge into practice right away. The learning is in the doing. Every morning, all the participants would be given time to practise with others and help each other get the breakthrough we needed. The techniques taught and shared by the trainer can be used to individually or collectively to overcome and eliminate any minor or major issues that we have. The resulting effects of the exercises not only helped us to solidify our learning, it also helped me to better understand my pressing issues. The sense of accomplishment I felt when I managed to assist others and solve their issues… that is a feeling money cannot buy – priceless.

One of the most unforgettable experiences from this program was when all the participants engaged in a one-to-one coaching session. I was paired up with one of the participants and we both took turns to be the client and the coach for each other, and shared what issues we would like to work on. My ‘client’ had feelings of guilt in him because of decisions he made in his past relationships which resulted in breakups or tragic endings. For the past ten years, he had been holding on to this feeling, and slowly became more withdrawn and fearful of making a commitment in all his relationships. I managed to help him to release his guilt and alleviate the negativity; and he finally broke through his own mental blockages and felt so relieved. I felt really happy and thrilled that I was able to be someone’s ‘comforter’ and problem solver.

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you respond to it. I have learnt to keep my focus on staying positive and overcoming my overthinking. The program has really changed me for the better, transforming me into a more positive, assertive and confident person.

They say we are what we are, but we don’t have to be.

Activate your resources now and Live By Design, Not By Default.

If you would like to join us for learning or a transformational journey, please call us at +65 8388 0500 (Singapore) or +6012 434 9500/ +6012 649 6500 (Malaysia), or email for more details.

Living By Design – Everything is Impossible

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Living By Design – December 2015: by Elvina Cheah, Children’s Coach

I came to know about NLP through a graduate of BKI – Olivia Ong. I was endlessly surprised by her ability to solve problems and coach people to see the true root cause behind every effect. She has coached me personally with the mere intention of getting me to move forward in life and liberate me from my limiting beliefs. I am a very competitive person and am afraid of being toppled. Such attitude made me wonder. what is it that gave her such character? With this, inspired as I was, I decided to model her.

Prior to the attending Living By Design (LBD), I had some sense of what I would like to achieve in my life and had no doubt I was already on the way there, along with a great team of people at my company. However, I did not feel fulfilled and my emotions tend to get the better of me. I was constantly overcome by anxiety and panic to the point I paralyse right before a training or an important task. To be honest, even today, I still face the same emotions. I had not generated any remarkable or impressive results that I thought I was capable of. And I only thought of why. Until I was taught Meta-Breaking and drilled for purpose. Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology once said,

“Neurosis is the suffering of a soul which has not discovered its meaning”

As we know, NLP is the study of the mind with an approach to communication, personal development and even psychotherapy. I did my research about Neuro- Linguistic Programming then shortly after, with my phone, and little money, I decided to call up a few centers for NLP.

In the end, I decided to go for BKi, after surveying different NLP centers. Bryen, assisted me effectively and efficiently. From his quick response, I knew that I would be able to trust this institute. Shortly after that, Bryen conducted a Value Elicitation session with me and in just 15 minutes I got to see my life clearer than I ever did and what I desired all along, and what made me feel “neurotic”.

Attending Living By Design (LBD) has turned my perspective at 180degrees because now, even in the face of panic, I have the courage to pick myself up and just do it because I now know how to handle my thoughts. I’ve mastered panic and turned it into adrenaline. And everyday, it wakes me up. It excites me to achieve more. Kit and Billy showed me the way of maximizing results in minimum time.

As much as I had the courage to dive deep, I would not have been able to have made it if not for the awesome trainers Kit, Billy, Voon Sia, Bryen, the team and even the participants. The power of their intention has transformed many lives, including mine. This investment brought me a breakthrough that will last me a lifetime. Writing this right now on the 8th of June 2016, I am excited to attend my MLBD and NLP Trainer course later this year as the goal I had set in Living By Design (LBD) December 2015 :-).

Whoever is reading this, take action now. For your breakthrough will not only bring you greatness, but also fruits to your loved ones. We rise when we lift others.

Compete to raise the bar. Compete with yourself yesterday. And make the daily roofs your new floor.

Everything is impossible until it is done.

Take away time all we have is now, take away space, all we have is here.

My friend, there is no better time to start Living by Design.

“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.” – Carl Jung

For more information about the Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer certification training programs, email today.

Living By Design

Decluttering – Part 2 update (quick tip)

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On the matter of decluttering paper and documents, here is a quick tip on those papers that you should keep but are oh so fiddly. I am referring to receipts, especially for warranty purposes.  You need to keep receipts as proof of purchase when you may need to get the item repaired within the warranty period, yet nowadays, the receipts are printed on heat sensitive paper which fades over time.

One easy way to keep track of all this is to take a snapshot of the receipt and email it to yourself. Create a new folder in your email to store all such documents. To make it easier to search, the email subject should contain the item details, name of store and the expiry date (rather than the date of purchase).

For example, Philips kettle, Harvey Norman, 3rd June 2017.

This makes it easy for you to find the right receipt without opening all your emails, and when the expiry date has passed, you can delete the email. Most stores will accept a reprinted copy of the receipt, but do check when you are purchasing the item.

Decluttering your Life – part 2

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Now that you have decided to start decluttering, you are wondering where to start. While there is no hard and fast rule on this, here is a suggested sequence to follow:

  • Clothes
  • Books, papers and documents
  • Sentimental items, gifts, “just in case” items
  • Photos
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Store


First of all, anything that is the wrong size or wrong colour has to go. What is the point of keeping that dress you have which is 2 sizes too small, hoping that one day you will be able to fit into it again? Or that blouse that is out of fashion, but may become fashionable again in say, 20 years! It has got to go.

If it is torn, or buttons missing, moth eaten, elastic worn out or just not your style, bin it. And that old T-shirt that has certainly seen better days but is so comfortably worn-in, if you won’t be seen in public in it, then it should not be seen at all.

Then there are items which you may have bought for “that occasion” which has not happened, or the bargains you picked up because the discount was too good to turn down, yet remains unworn.

Ask yourself for what purpose are you keeping those items of clothing. Do they serve any purpose apart from taking up space in your wardrobe. Stop kidding yourself that you will make use of it. It is only wishful thinking.


All important papers and documents should be filed neatly so that they can be found and accessed easily. Easier said than done as it is likely that they are all over the place rather than kept in a “to file” drawer or box. Again, like your clothes, you should take all your papers and documents and put them into a pile on your table (or floor) and sort them in one go.

Anything that is not important can be put in the recycling pile (or shredded). Those that you had planned to read but have not done so, time to throw them away into the recycling section. With the Internet bringing information in seconds, most of the papers we collect are not really needed. This included recipes that we may have cut out from newspapers and magazines as it is much easier to google for them.

If you are anything like me, you probably have at least 20 books in your home that you had bought but just never found the time to read. And the likelihood is that you never will. If the topic is not appealing enough, then give it away. Face the fact that the money spent on the book will benefit someone else, just not you.

Old books that have been read should also be given away. With the exception of classics and special books that you truly love (and will re-read), there is no need to keep a fully stocked library of books just to look well read. Let others enjoy them after you. You will be glad you did.

In our next posts, we will look at decluttering the next items on the list.

To find out about coaching services or training to help you declutter emotional, mental and behavioural clutter, go to  or email

Declutter your life – part 1

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How many of us are clutter free? Or is it more likely that we are surrounded by clutter? How did that happen and why do we allow it to happen? And more importantly, how do we declutter.

Clutter stops us from moving ahead. Some of us hide behind the clutter. Some find comfort in it. Some just cannot decide what to get rid of so they end up getting rid of nothing. Whatever the reason, it is time to clear our lives of the ‘stuff’ that we have collected.

The stuff that I am referring to is not just physical things though that usually makes up a huge portion of our clutter.

“Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self.” – Eleanor Brownn

Type of Clutter that we may have:

  • Physical – the things that we have in our homes, our offices, our cars
  • Mental – negative thoughts, limiting beliefs
  • Emotional – negative emotions, toxic relationships
  • Behavioural – bad habits
  • Financial – unpaid bills, uncleared debts, unfixed tax papers, unsorted documents, unwritten wills
  • Virtual – old emails, unopened emails, old phone numbers and addresses, etc

What is it that stops us from decluttering?

Here are a few reasons that sound good (sound familiar anyone?)

  • Too much stuff so it becomes overwhelming
  • Don’t know where to start
  • Make a start but give up too soon
  • Cannot let go
    • Have emotional attachments
    • “but it seems such a waste…”
    • “well, I may need it one day’
  • Cannot decide
  • Lack of awareness or in denial – emotional clutter
  • Not ready to face the problems – financial clutter

Let’s face it. We keep things. Just in case. That is the most common reason given for the things we have, just in case we need it, just in case it contains important information, just in case someone else needs it. And yet, if we are truly honest about it, that Just in Case moment has never arisen!

In our next posts, we will look into how to start decluttering and the benefits of decluttering.

To find out about coaching services or training to help you declutter emotional, mental and behavioural clutter, go to  or email

Dear MAS employees, past and present,

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Dear MAS employees, past and present,

The restructuring of the airlines has far reaching impact on the company but even more so on the people. People are at the heart of every business, yet with the focus on the business and bottom lines, we may not do enough for the people who helped build the business.

Transforming People Inspiring Lives is the theme that drives us and therefore, we believe in extending a helping hand to those who may need it. It may just be someone to talk to, to share your thoughts, to vent your frustrations, to help you plan your future. Our team of trained and certified coaches are here for you. And just for you, the fee will be minimal (and we do mean minimal).

So come and talk to us and let us be there for you now.

Contact us via our website’s contact form, email ( or call/ SMS +6012-434 9500

Activate your resources now and Live By Design, Not By Default!


Living By Design

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as explained by NLP Master Trainers Dr Billy Kueek


Since we began marketing for our June LBD (Live By Design) Practitioner Certification Training Program, a class has been formed for June Intake in Singapore.  As the response was overwhelming, our original plan to conduct the training in our Singapore office has to be changed and we have finalized agreement to use the big Training Room in DWG (Dennis Wee Group) Properties.


The popularity of the program brought in many referrals and of course, generated much curiosity in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as LBD.  In this article, I aim to equip you with what Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP results you can achieve when you do NLP.


NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, founded by Bandler, Grinder and Frank in 1970s at University of California, Santa Cruz.  Since then, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has branched out into many societies and Associations, Institutions and Groups.


  • Feeling lost and confused about life, career and relationship?
  • Wish to live a life of purpose and leave legacies behind?
  • Discovered that sometimes you perform at peak while other times struggling?
  • Knew that you have potential but not unleashed and don’t know how?
  • Discovered your limiting beliefs and decisions nut cant stop them from being barriers to achieving your goals?
  • Wish to go ahead, experience and explore things but blocked by negative emotions of Fear, Doubts and perhaps, sense of low self-worth and underserving?
  • Have negative habits that you have a problem getting rid of?
  • Frustration with and at work due to other people’s performance?
  • Would like to develop relationship better with people but learned that being sincere and true is not enough?
  • Wish to gain upper-hand in circumstances and people situations but worried if people even like you to begin with?
  • Wish to be the person you want to be, charismatic, magnetic and likeable?
  • Hope that I can read people’s mind so I can feel what they feel to sympathize and be able to deal with them the way they prefer to?
  • Want to get my point across and noticing simple logic is impossible with some people?
  • Want to communicate convincingly, influentially, persuasively and powerfully but don’t know how or lack confidence in?
  • Sincerely wish to help others with their problems but offering our negative experiences instead and taught the wrong things?
  • Enhance Self Confidence but no matter what you do, doesn’t seem to work?
  • Need for better self control to manage habits, discipline, motivation, energy, stress and googled but found nothing you don’t already knew?


NLP has the answer to these and more.
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Top 5 Soft Skills to Succeed in the Workplace

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Article contributed by NLP Master Trainers Dr Billy Kueek & Lim Kit Wan


In a recent survey conducted earlier this year, it is reported that soft skills are worth over £88 billion (more than RM476 billion) in gross value added to the UK economy each year, making it an important contribution to the service industry. Another large-scale survey conducted in the USA found that the top attributes companies look for when hiring new employees are communication skills (83%) and the ability to work within a team (74%).


Where qualifications, credentials and experience are important factor in determining whether someone gets offered their dream job, soft skills are the vital deciding factor as to whether someone will succeed in their career.


Hence soft skills are being highly valued by more and more companies now as they realize how these skills directly contribute to the wellbeing of the organization. Soft skills are also increasingly being recognized as key competencies that working adults need in order to secure employment and succeed in their chosen field.


Want to know more? Click ‘Read more’ below to continue reading the whole article.

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MoneyPenny’s Journey to Financial Independence

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This is the personal sharing of Penny Choong (aka MoneyPenny) on her experience and her journey to becoming financially independent. Billy Kueek International is proud to have Penny as a graduate and as a good friend. Her story recently appeared in The Star, and below is the article in its entirety.

Penny Choong is a finance-­focused change manager and trainer with more than 14 years of experience conducting money workshops and innovating practical methods for financial freedom.

With a range of initiatives, Penny promotes proven money­saving & financial balance techniques and positive spending habits. She communicates an effective and notable message regarding business development, pitching business ideas to investors, and securing profitable employment.

Due to her family situation, Penny found herself in a deep financial hole at an early age. Equipped with sheer determination and a contrarian mindset, she not only made it out of the hole but also managed to set up a good source of passive income. Her experience led Penny to want to help others learn to manage their money so that they too could experience financial freedom & financial independence.

Penny is an NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Coach & Master Hypnotherapist with added qualifications in accounting, finance and IT. She is part of an elite group of trainers who are dedicated to financial expertise, empowerment and excellence.

Let us hear from Penny on her personal account of how her life experiences have helped to shape her mindset, thoughts and actions for success.

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