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The 5Ps to Prosperity

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Prosperity can mean different things to different people. To some, it means wealth, and for others it may be their health, family’s well being or financial freedom. However one defines it, the main elements that will guarantee its success are universal. Here are some tips to get you started.


Sometime ago, I wrote a quote that says: “Without passion, life is only motion”. Passion is the driving force behind all successful people and companies. It provides the ‘fuel’ that keeps you going during tough times, gets you up in the morning and motivates you to persevere no matter what. While many people may have a great idea and a wonderful plan to implement it, some may abandon it halfway due to lack of passion and enthusiasm.

To find your passion, think about what are your values – the inner forces that drive your thoughts, actions and behaviors. By understanding yourself better and knowing your personal values, you can then work with them or change them to maximize your potential.


Another one of my quotes is: “Proper Planning Prevents Potential Problems”. Yes, planning is needed too when it comes to wealth. How else would you know what to prepare for, how to organize your ‘wealthy’ ideas and put them into action? By planning, you will also be prepared for setbacks and know what alternative actions you can put into place to overcome obstacles. Success comes to those who are prepared, so plan ahead to stay ahead!

Procrastination… Not!

Procrastination is like the ‘evil twin’ to productivity. Although many would love to have more money or better health, there are just as many who would put off doing something about it. Then ideas of success remain as that – just ideas. So if you find yourself feeling not too motivated or lethargic about doing something, try something different today. Go for a short walk or people-watch at a local mamak; by simply changing a small part of your daily routine, you put yourself in motion and that will get you off the chair and put you one step closer to your desired prosperity.


In order to succeed at whatever you want, you need to have patience and persistence. When one plan does not produce results, try and try again. If one way does not produce results, then try another way. In NLP, we advocate ‘There is no failure; only feedback.’ By persevering and continuing to try to make it work – that is the hallmark of a fighter, of someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to triumph and emerge victorious.


There is an NLP Presupposition that states: perception is projection. Whatever you are thinking about is thinking about you too. For example, even in a crowded shopping mall on a weekend, if someone believes that they can find a parking space and visualize exactly where or how they can get it, 9 times out of 10 they will find one.

Positive thinking can create life-changing results. So in order to attract more wealth, good health and even happiness, you have to think positively about it and believe that you are wealthy, healthy and happy, and that you deserve it.

We are all destined to achieve excellence, but in life, there will be obstacles along the way. The idea that everyone is in charge of their thoughts, behavior and success led my team and I to create the Live By Design Certification Training Program. The program combines NLP with Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy and coaching to provide a complete toolkit.

Imagine having the tools that will help you cope with life’s challenges while at university, at work or at home, and be able to have a positive mindset no matter what happens. You would like to have that, wouldn’t you?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is one of the best empowerment tools you can learn and is used by millions including Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Robbins, Sophie Dahl, Lily Allen, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. How you apply NLP in everyday life is really only limited by your imagination. It can be utilized for anything, from parenting to work, from enhancing relationships to achieving your goals, from taking control of your life to performing at peak state in sports… the  sky is the limit when it comes to NLP.

Billy Kueek International offers internationally recognized certifications in NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy at Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer levels. As the only training company in the region with two NLP Master Trainers and Hypnotherapy Master Trainer, Billy Kueek International runs the Live By Design Certification Training Program in Malaysia and Singapore several times a year for you to transform your life.

For those who aspire to become NLP Trainers, certified by the American Board of NLP, you can get certified in 1 year, starting with Practitioner in March, April, May/June or July, then Master Practitioner in August and then taking Trainers’ Training in November 2013!  In fact, we are the only training company in the region offering this certification and special packages are available.

You are in charge of our own happiness and success. The possibilities to your prosperity are endless – take action now!

The Live By Design Certification Program will be running in Malaysia and Singapore this year. For more info about our programs, training schedule and fees, email or visit


Coaching Children for Success

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How many of us had grand plans when we were younger – wanting to run a major corporation, be the best tennis player in the world, become President – and yet, how many of us actually see our plans turn into reality? What stopped us from achieving them? And more importantly, can we do anything about it?

There are also those who do achieve their goals and are very successful and still have this feeling of emptiness within themselves, that there is something missing.

If you feel that there is something holding you back from becoming the person you were meant to be, then you should speak to a coach who will help you discover what is truly important to you, what is the purpose you so desperately seek yet did not know it was missing and help you live a rich and full life.

Coaching is a form of personal development where the coach and the client work closely together to help the client achieve their goals. Coaching is applied in many areas of life, from sports to business to personal, depending on the client’s needs.

The coaching relationship is a special one. In order for it to work, you must first be prepared to work on whatever problems may arise. Secondly, you must be open to sharing as it is by being open that the coach is able to discover the root of the problem and therefore address the issue. The coach has been professionally trained and is the best person to help you so let him do his job. There have been times when we see clients telling coaches what they think the problem is and how the coach should help them.

Different types of coaching

Life coaching – the coach facilitates the client’s growth in work and also in personal life.

Executive coaching – usually client is senior management or higher and the coach works on business related issues as well as on client’s personal development with the focus on achieving better business performance and results.

Parent coaching – to help the client improve their parenting skills and help their children lead happy, balanced lives.

Sports coaching – coaching the client to improve and develop their sports skills. The coach is not necessarily a sports trainer, but rather one who focuses on the client’s mindset, to think like a winner.

Depending on the client’s specific needs, there are many more forms of coaching that are available.  Billy Kueek International certifies Impact System© coaches, in our Live By Design Practitioner Certification Training, who use a combination of NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy and Emotional Intelligence to help their clients in a variety of areas.

An Investment For Life

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How much is your life worth?

When you are healthy, you may not be willing to pay much for medical care.  However, for someone who is sick, they would pay any amount to get better.  The value of something is based on what someone will pay for it.

Most of us buy life insurance because, in the event something happens to us, our family members will receive the insurance money, which is substantially higher than what was paid.  However, that usually means the insured is no longer around (or is incapacitated).

Here’s the thing though – When you invest in the Live By Design Practitioner program, you have the opportunity to change your life forever.

As an accountant would explain it – let’s say the program costs USD 3,000.  And let’s say you are now 30 years old, so we estimate you will be working for the next 30 years.  If you are able to change your life today, the investment of USD3,000 spread over 30 years is only USD 100 per year, or about USD 8 per month, or a mere USD 2 per week, or – and this will blow your mind – less than 30 cents per day!

Imagine – your investment in yourself, in improving, enhancing and bettering yourself, is less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day.

That is probably the best investment you are going to make. One that starts paying ‘dividends’ immediately, where you and your family members and friends will benefit, rather than wait for something to happen to claim the insurance.  And you will surely continue to benefit for the rest of your life.  The return on your investment will be many times greater than the money you pay and you will reap the rewards every day.

So when someone asks me, why they should pay to join our program, I ask them how much their life is worth.

From the desk of Dr Billy Kueek

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A great big HELLO to everyone!

How time flies by! It seems like I was just wishing all of you Happy New Year yesterday, when in fact we’re already a month into 2013!

So how was your January 2013? How many of you started it by making new year resolutions? If you did so by setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and are well on your way to realizing them, then congratulations on your tenacity & determination, and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!

Sometimes though, resolutions can be a hit-and-miss affair if it’s more of a ‘wish’ list. As you think of the year ahead, what do you see yourself achieving? What are you thinking? How do you feel? The good news is, with the right skills, you can make that wish list into a YES list!

We’ve got a fantastic line-up of courses planned for the whole year and there’s bound to be one (or more) that is suitable for your needs & schedule. In response to growing demand for specialized NLP programs which focus on specific topics, we have some very exciting programs for the corporate market, in particular Applied NLP in Sales. This program is based on my book Using Psychological Techniques in Selling. Whether you are selling products, services or simply yourself, this program promises potential, profits and power-packed breakthroughs.

Another one that I’m very excited about is our Live By Design Practitioner program. This 8-day program is very dear to me as it gives me the opportunity to personally know the participants. Emotional baggage, inner conflicts, phobias, limiting beliefs… all removed, released & resolved! Seeing participants achieve such tremendous breakthroughs certainly motivates us even more to continue doing what we do, transforming people inspiring lives.

For those who wish to take their learning further, we have the Live By Design Master Practitioner program. For those who are determined about becoming a trainer, we have the NLP Trainers’ Training that is certified by ABNLP (American Board of NLP) and internationally recognized. So if you think about it, when you take all 3 programs this year, by the end of 2013 you will become a full-fledged NLP Trainer! How awesome is that!

Did you know that we are the only training company in the region which offers all this training, especially at the Trainer level, and also the only company in the region with two NLP Master Trainers? I would also like to humbly announce that as of now, I’m the only NLP Master Trainer certified by both ABNLP and NLP University, plus I have the honor of being the first Hypnotherapy Master Trainer in South-East Asia.

Such accomplishments would not have been possible without your constant support. I thank each and everyone one of you for joining me on life’s great journey. Now let us all make 2013 EXCEPTIONAL, EXCITING & EXTRAORDINARY!

Live By Design Practitioner Certification Training
(NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy and Impact System© Coaching)
16 – 23 March 2013, Billy Kueek International Office Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Live By Design Practitioner Certification Training
(NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy and Impact System© Coaching)
13 – 20 April 2013, Singapore

Using Psychological Techniques In Selling
24 – 25 April 2013, Billy Kueek International Office Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

NLP Associate Training
27 – 28 April 2013, Billy Kueek International Office Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Live By Design Master Practitioner Certification Training
17 – 31 August 2013, Singapore

NLP Trainers’ Training
21 – 30 November 2013, Billy Kueek International Office Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

President Obama’s second term – the influencing power of words

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As President Obama is sworn into his second term as President of the United States, I thought this would be a good time to briefly mention how NLP and Hypnosis is used in our daily lives without us even knowing most of the time.  From advertisements to the media, from politicians to salesmen, and our own parents could have used hypnotic language patterns and linguistic patterns in their communication, knowingly or unknowingly.

Both Presidents Obama and Clinton have a team of advisors which include NLP Master Practitioners who review their speeches to ensure that they include the appropriate linguistics to resonate with their audiences.  In business, NLP can certainly help in communication during negotiations in order to influence the listener and get the message across.

Advertisements use NLP Linguistics to influence your buying habits.  For example, the ad may read like this – ‘buying this washing powder means you love your family’. In NLP, this is called a context reframe because if you think about it, how would using a particular washing powder mean that you love your family.  But that is exactly what the message implies.

Or when a salesman repeatedly tells you ‘by now’ in his sales patter, what he is really saying to you is ‘buy now’.  We call this embedded command where the instruction or command is embedded into a sentence so that the unconscious mind picks it up.

So when you think about it, everyone and anyone is able to influence others by being more conscious and aware of the word choices used.  For the next few days, try focusing on the words others & yourself use and listen out for any hypnotic language or linguistic patterns in their communication. You may be surprised just how often it pops up!


NLP can change me

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… and it did!

This is an email I received from one of my graduates who attended our Live By Design Certification Training and was certified as NLP and Time Line Therapy(TM) Practitioner, Professional Hypnotherapist and Impact System(c) Coach which I wanted to share.

Dear Billy,

I really had to write to you to thank you and your team for changing my life.  Having completed your LBD program, I have come home a new person who is able to face life with renewed energy and I am feeling so positive about what lies ahead.

I must admit that when I attended your preview session and heard you talk about NLP and Hypnotherapy, I was hesitant.  So many thoughts ran through my head at that time.  Was it really possible that you can achieve so much in 8 days?  Surely there must be a catch.

Then I worried about what the ‘new me’ would be like.  I thought that I would change and my friends would not know me, or maybe like the new me.  And would I lose my identity if I changed.  All these worries, all these questions and I am sure I am not the only person who has these concerns.

All I can say now is that YES I did change, in just 8 days and I love the new me.  My family members and my friends do as well.  They say that they see me smiling so much now and that I have a glow and they are happy for me.  My worries were unfounded and I am glad I ignored them and came for the program.

Dealing with issues that I did not even know existed because they were deeply locked in my unconscious mind, working on minor blockages that were holding me back and just letting go of emotional baggage and negativity – all this has lightened my load.  I feel so free and light now.  I am so grateful to my fellow participant who worked as my coach in the Breakthrough session.  Somehow, she just knew what questions to ask to get to my problems and dealt with them professionally.

The program is worth every cent I paid.. a worthwhile investment in myself.  Thank you for your wonderful program.  It is reassuring to know that there are people like you and your team who care about others and truly wish to make a difference to others.

Yes, NLP changed me, for the better!  Thank you, Billy!

With Gratitude,

Your graduate

(The name has been withheld at the request of the graduate)

The Difference That Makes The Difference

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Are all NLP (Neur0-Linguistic Programming) trainers the same?

Are all NLP certification programs the same?

How do you decide which program is suitable and which trainer to select?

What is the difference between your program and those offered by other trainers?

Why should I choose you over other trainers/programs?

These are just some of the questions that I am asked by participants at our forums and workshops.  Of course you may think that since Billy Kueek International runs NLP training, then I would naturally recommend our programs.  And you would be right. Because I believe in what we offer, in our quality of training and most importantly, I believe in the value of our programs.  To see someone finish our program feeling absolutely positive about life, so much so that they can’t stop smiling or feeling happy … the feeling I get from witnessing that is priceless.

However, in order to help you make an informed decision on what works best for you, allow me to share with you how NLP certification works.

First of all, find out about the person(s) who will be giving the training.  What are his or her credentials?  Which Board or Institute are they certified by?  And if so, are they certified as Practitioner or Trainer?

All our NLP graduates are certified under the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) which is the largest NLP certifying body in the world, with more than 500 institutes and 30,000 members worldwide.



In NLP, the levels of certification are as follows:

  • Practitioner
  • Master Practitioner
  • Trainer
  • Master Trainer

Trainers certify Practitioners and Master Practitioners.  Master Trainers certify Trainers, Master Practitioners and Practitioners.  Do ask and get more information.

Then, do also check out the certifying body.  How credible is it?  How many members does it have and who are the principals behind it?  If you can, talk to some of their members or graduates to find out more about their certification.

As for which trainer to select, you may wish to attend several previews and talk to the trainers and ask lots of questions.  Do not enroll until you are satisfied that the training is what you want.

Find out what support they provide after the training is complete.  Do they offer regular classes to revise topics or teach new topics?  Are the trainers contactable after the training if you have questions or need help or advice?

Billy Kueek International is proud of our track record.  Our graduates are able to keep in touch with each other and with the trainers via email, Facebook, etc and we run regular Skills Enhancement Trainings (SETs) where graduates can meet up to review NLP techniques and practice what they have learned.

Graduates can also come back to our programs for reskilling at a nominal fee (to relearn the entire program) or apply to be a coaching assistant and help the new students in their learning.

I am the only NLP Master Trainer in the region certified by both ABNLP and NLP University whilst Billy Kueek International is the only training company in South East Asia with 2 NLP Master Trainers, Hypnotherapy Master Trainer and Trainers within the company.  My team and I are dedicated to Transforming People, Inspiring Lives and it is evident from the feedback we get from our graduates.

If you would like to find out more about us, do visit us at or send us an email to

New Year, New Breakthroughs

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In 2012, have you

  • achieved your resolutions?
  • profited from new experiences?
  • created magical moments?
  • become who you want to be?
  • attained what you want to have?
  • enhanced your personal identity?

In essence, do you know what makes the incredible you?  And if you do, do you want to do something about it now?

As 2013 fast approaches, perhaps it is time to look at what we have achieved in the current year, and what we want to achieve.  Are you consistently reaching your goals and living your dreams?  Or perhaps you feel that it is time to look at your options, be it in life, career or relationships.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy provide the complete toolkit to help you deal with personal challenges and issues, to enhance your performance identity to achieve what you want to achieve, to have what you want to have and liberate you to do what you want to do, and these techniques and skills can be used to help others, through  coaching.

Imagine having the tools that help you cope with life’s challenges or having a positive mindset all the time.  See yourself setting goals and achieving them.  Be able to build rapport easily, communicate effectively and influence others.  Get rid of negative emotions and limiting beliefs which are holding you back.  These are just some of the results that are enjoyed on a daily basis by our Live By Design Practitioners and Master Practitioners.

Billy Kueek International offers internationally recognized certifications in NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy at Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer levels.  As the only training company in the region with two NLP Master Trainers and Hypnotherapy Master Trainer, Billy Kueek International runs the Live By Design Certification Program in Malaysia and Singapore several times a year for you to transform your life or to become professional coaches.

The Live By Design Certification program combines all three disciplines and incorporates Impact System © Coaching and Applied NLP in Business certifications over eight days at the Practitioner level and 15 days at Master Practitioner level.

For those who wish to be certified as NLP and Hypnotherapy trainers (under the American Board of NLP and American Board of Hypnotherapy), they can join the Trainers’ Training program, even if they have received their Practitioner and Master Practitioner training with other companies.

For more information about our programs, training schedule and fees, visit, email or contact +6012 434 9500.

Get ready to be rid of old limiting beliefs, and have new empowering beliefs.

EQUIP: Using Psychological Techniques in Selling

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First published in 2002, EQUIP revolves around the selling framework, which is the selling process from start (prospecting) to finish (closing the sale) and how to implement psychological techniques in between.  The components of the framework remain similar no matter what we sell or represent. Important steps include building rapport, determining needs and handling objections.

Among the many aspects of selling, the art of communication is one that is most well covered. It is mentioned that according to Mehrabian’s Communication Model, only 7% of the meaning of the message is attributable to what is said. 93% of the meaning of our communication lies in our body language and tonality. This shows how powerful the brain is and how we sometimes take for granted the impact of the words we use. Besides that, it illustrates that simple things like handshakes and eye movements are greatly significant in the selling process.

This book also looks at Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a field of psychology developed in the 70s about how people think, communicate and achieve success. The knowledge and application of NLP can help build rapport and determine the usage of different selling strategies, depending on whether the person is dominantly visual, auditory or kinesthetic. Buying strategies are addressed in the latest edition of the book.

On the whole, EQUIP sheds light on an overwhelming repertoire of techniques we can use. It is easy to read and written in an encouraging manner. Most importantly, it effectively achieves the objective of teaching readers how they may apply psychological techniques in the selling framework. It is essentially about putting the prospect in a positive mind frame to make the selling and buying process a lot more pleasant for both parties.

I would recommend this book to anyone who looking to take their selling skills to a whole new level. It highlights the importance of dealing with our own psychology, mindset and beliefs in order to improve our selling skills. Of course, like any other skills and techniques, those outlined in this book would take time, effort and diligence to master. Reading equips us and ultimately, the learning is in the doing.

Copies of EQUIP: Using Psychological Techniques in Selling can be obtained from major bookstores in Malaysia and Singapore as well as online (  Also available in pdf



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In NLP, we believe that excellence has a structure and therefore, if you want to be excellent, you have to find a role model who you consider as excellent and model him or her.  Does that mean that we could then compose like Mozart or invent like Edison or think like Einstein?

Is talent born or bred, an in-built capability or can it be taught and nurtured?

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers: The Story of Success, he shared the stories of two individuals who were exceptional and talented and yet achieved very different outcomes.

Chris Langan was considered a genius from a very early age – he started speaking at six months old and taught himself to read by age three!  He had an IQ of 195 when the average person’s IQ is 100 and a genius is 130+.  By all accounts, he is a genius, and some considered him to be the smartest man in the world.

Today, Chris is a college dropout.  He grew up in poverty, enrolled into Reed College and Montana State University but dropped out due to financial and transportation problems and also from the belief that he could teach his professors more than they could teach him.  He had a string of jobs including construction worker, farmhand, firefighter and bouncer and while carrying out these labour-intensive jobs, he would go home and run equations in his head.

In spite of not completing college, Langan developed his own “theory of the relationship between mind and reality” which he calls the “Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe.  He lives and operates a horse ranch with his wife.

Susan Boyle is famous.  This Scottish ex-church volunteer rose to fame when she appeared on “Britain Got Talent” in 2009.  The video of her audition went viral on YouTube, mainly because her appearance did not match the voice, and even took Simon Cowell by surprise.  This Plain Jane standing on the stage was a complete mismatch to the mezzo soprano voice that emanated from her when the music started.  Though she did not win, her debut album topped the charts in the US and UK and she has performed before Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

An overnight success?  Susan had entered talent contests previously but usually written off and mocked due to her looks.  But she persevered, believed in herself and in the end, all she needed was the chance.

What we learn from this is that we have talent within us, the potential to excel and achieve.  But we must have:

1) Self Belief – know who you are and believe that you have that potential and pursue your dream

2) Apply your talent – Chris Langan is obviously brilliant but could not apply his talent and knowledge as academia did not take him seriously without the proper credentials.

3) Growth – Susan Boyle took singing lessons and entered singing competitions to develop and grow her skills.  By dropping out of college and university, Chris deprived himself of being in an environment that would nurture and help him stimulate his thinking.

4) Opportunity – Susan Boyle found the right platform to showcase her talent which led to her success.  We wonder what could have been accomplished had Chris Langan found his stage.

Find your passion, your talent, your potential.  When you do, nurture it, unleash it and let it grow.  Like the Pencil (see earlier blog), we are all made to do great things.  We need to believe in ourselves, practice and allow others to guide us, only then will we be able to achieve.  Be Excellent!

For information on coaching services and our training programs, go to