How can NLP help me?

By NLP, Personal Development

This is a question that I have been asked many times so I thought it would be easier to share some information here:

  • Improve your performance – be it in work, study, exams, sports
  • Increase self confidence
  • Better communication skills
  • Get rid of phobias, bad habits
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs
  • No more negative thoughts
  • Set and achieve your goals
  • Lose weight
  • Resolve internal conflicts
  • Stop bad eating habits
  • Stop procrastination
  • Eliminate minor negative states
  • Create powerful positive anchors when you need them
  • Take better control of your life
  • Lighten your load by getting rid of past emotional baggage
  • Overcome anxiety

These are just some of the benefits of NLP.

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How to apply NLP

By NLP, Personal Development

Applications of NLP techniques is only limited to your imagination.  NLP can be utilized in parenting, relating, building rapport and enhancing relationships, increasing sensitivity to others, understanding self and others better, managing your own state for peak performance, resolving conflicts, achieving your goals and taking control of yourself and your life.  Would equipping yourself with these skills add value to you, your life and the people around you?

A couple of quick examples:-

Parents equipped with NLP can help their children change bad habits, improve concentration, enhance retention and motivation so their children perform better.

A manager at work can use NLP to build stronger bonds and relationships with their team members and subordinates, motivate and remove negative and limiting beliefs, anchor on peak performance states and help team members achieve their goals.

Students who need to be motivated to study can find their inner driving forces to help them focus better.  They can also determine how they learn best so that they are able to learn at the optimum.

A teacher can use NLP to build rapport with the students and be able to teach them the way they prefer to learn.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming – The Power to Change Your Life

By NLP, Personal Development

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP as it is more commonly known, is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behavior and the subjective experiences underlying them”.

Simply put, it is what works on a daily basis that produces desired results. NLP is a set of skills where you use your mind, your language and your actions and behaviors to communicate more effectively, to manage yourself better and achieve desired results.  You can breakthrough limiting beliefs, enhance positiveness, make better decisions, discover your personal driving forces, resolve inner conflicts that may be freezing you, get rid of phobias and bad habits.

All our innate values, development and learning are unconscious.  We learn them unconsciously and by default with most of it occurring during our Imprint Period from the ages 0-7.  Because it is default learning and with our innate mechanism of adaptation, we develop negative beliefs, limitations, unproductive habits and behaviors, reactions to people and situations rather than responses, leading to undesired results and being trapped in the ring of disempowerment.

NLP enables you to enhance your probability of success, achieve desired results both for yourself and for others, gain mastery over yourself, become more effective and influential, build winning, rewarding relationships and much more.

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5 Tips to become a better Presenter

By Presentation, Training

Speaking in public is one of the greatest phobias we face, but it is also probably one of the easiest to overcome.  Whether you are a novice speaker or a seasoned professional, here are some tips on how to improve your presentation.

1. Know your stuff (and your equipment)

A fumbling presenter does not instill confidence in the audience.  Nothing beats being prepared, whether it is a 15-minute pep talk, a 3-hour seminar or a 5-day training program.  It may seem obvious but you must be familiar with your subject matter and your presentation slides in order to deliver a superb presentation.

When invited to speak or present, you may be using the organiser’s laptop and/ or projector.  Arrive early and make sure you are familiar with how to use the equipment and test your slides to ensure they work properly.  If you are using a wireless lapel microphone, test the sound quality and the best placement position.

2. Tell them, tell them, tell them

In your opening, tell your audience what you will be talking about in your session.  Then proceed with your talk and cover all the points that you need to cover.  During the closing, recap by going through the highlights of what you have already talked about.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

Nothing can replace being well rehearsed.  No matter how many times you have gone through your materials, practice makes permanent.

4. Meet and Greet

Always plan to arrive early for your talk or presentation.  Apart from giving yourself more time to make sure that the set-up is correct and everything is working properly, it also allows you the opportunity to meet and mingle with your audience.  Get to know them a little so you can determine their expectations, their background and how receptive they are.

5. Stand and Deliver

Use the stage or space wisely and purposefully.  If you are making a speech, you will most likely be standing behind a lectern.  Make sure you are visible to your audience.  If possible, step away from the lectern.  Where you are addressing a certain part of the audience, for example when taking questions, ensure that your position is such that your arc of engagement does not exclude part of the audience.

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Hello friends!

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In my continuing quest of Transforming People Inspiring Lives and the desire to keep in touch with friends, I decided it was time to start blogging.  The decision to blog took a while as I did not want to start something that I could not commit my time too regularly.  Thus it is my intention to post every other week, more frequently if I can.

Do share with me your thoughts and comments about my blog.  You can also send me questions that I can address here if you wish to share.

Welcome to my blog and happy reading!