Live By Design Practitioner – Part III (SG)

Live By Design Practitioner (SG)



One Program, Four Certifications.

In a recent survey, over 20,000 people to rank 12 skills in terms of importance and the education they received. They were asked to answer one question: “Things you wish you had learned in school, but no one taught you”. The results were certainly interesting.

The biggest gap perceived by those in the survey was in Happiness & Positive Living. More than 60% of respondents rated this as being very important and yet had received very little formal education on it.

The next four were Alternative Healing (59%), Wealth & Abundance (54%), Meditation (53%) and Spiritual Growth (51%).

This indicates that many are frustrated with how little they know about these important life skills, and are eager to seek more learnings to fill in the perceived gaps in their lives.

Real and relevant education is becoming a precious commodity. If you agree with the respondents and are thinking along similar lines, imagine learning the skills and knowledge that will help you address your concerns and teach you to be a better parent, better spouse, better friend, have healthier relationships, be more positive and live the life that you want.


Many are living life by default, accepting whatever life has thrown at them, the circumstances that they are in, playing with the cards they are dealt.

Wouldn’t you rather have the life that you create and be able to live it to the fullest? Billy Kueek International says “Live by Design, Not by Default!”

Imagine there was a way where you could:

  • Attract success
  • Tap into your full potential
  • Know your passion & true calling
  • Understand the true happiness & positivity within yourself
  • Instantly get into peak performance state

Simply put, it is what works on a daily basis that produces desired results.

You can breakthrough limiting beliefs, enhance positivity, make better decisions, discover your personal driving forces, resolve inner conflicts that may be freezing you, get rid of phobias and bad habits.

Live By Design (LBD) is one of our signature programs that promises to enhance greatness, eliminate negativity & empower self in order for anyone to live life to the fullest.

LBD offers the complete toolkit for all your life’s necessities:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Time Line TherapyTM (TLT)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • NLP Coach

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